10 Lucky Lottery Winners Who Totally Blew Their Fortune!

Imagine winning a couple of million dollars in a lottery. What would you do with the money? You could buy a house, enjoy a dream vacation, and invest in new business opportunities. Whatever the case, you would do something right and appropriate with the win, right? Or, perhaps, you would enjoy a bold, reckless lifestyle of partying and gambling even more. Would you spend your nights in a gaming club casino, surrounded with gorgeous men or women, expensive drinks and Cubin cigars? In either case, the actions may be considered as an investment in either material goods or emotion. Ten people from our lists did neither. Our happy campers totally blew all they had and went from fabulously rich to beggar-like poor in a heartbeat. Well, you know what they say: “easy come, easy go!”.


Michael Carroll, 2002
Michael Carroll, 2002

10 – Michael Carroll, 2002

Michael was a garbage man until he won 9.7 million pounds in the UK Lotto. Could you imagine his life has changed forever ever since? Well, it did. For a while. Carroll chose to live like a rock star. Expensive gifts, insane parties, luxury cars, drinks, drugs and prostitutes have drained his wallet before he could even notice. A man who used to spend two thousand pounds on cocaine every day is collecting his weakly $42 a week. This money comes from the Jobseekers’ allowance and Michael dreams of getting his old job back. We could say that wealth recycled the man.

Janite Lee

9 – Janite Lee

Can you be too good for your own sake? Giving away what you have is a great deal when you have some money to spare. Gambling can be an interesting hobby if done smartly. But the combination of both has led Janite to total bankruptcy in 8 years, despite winning $18 million from a Missouri Lottery. Although, she had a lunch with Bill Clinton, which is nice.

Callie Rogers

8 – Callie Rogers

Imagine what would a 16-year-old teenager do with 1.9 million pounds? Winning such an insane amount of money is any kid’s dream and Callie did the exact immature blend of shopping, partying and wasting money on greedy “friends”. Rogers works as a maid today because she needs to pay off the debts of a rock-star like youth. Luckily, she did not lose it all at the age of 22. The girl still has her breast implants.

Jack Whittaker Jr.

7 – Jack Whittaker Jr.

We have all heard stories of people wasting money effortlessly. But what is the $315 million Power Ball prize costs to your family? Easy money seduced Jack into a reckless lifestyle and he has lost a significant share of his wealth to law suits and drunken driving tickets. Jack was robbed by burglars twice. But that was not the end of his troubles. Lightning struck when his wife divorced him. His granddaughter died from overdose sometime later. And, after a while, his daughter died as well. Rumour says that she’s been killed but the case is still open without any valid evidence.

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Ken Proxmire

6 – Ken Proxmire

Investments are tricky. Ken chose to invest his prize – $1 million – in the car business. Needless to say, Ken lost it all. The car business declared bankruptcy in just five years.

Evelyn Adams

5 – Evelyn Adams

Honestly, there is something magical about this woman. Evelyn won the lottery twice within two years in a row. $5.4 million was the total sum. She lives in a trailer today. All because of her gambling addiction.

Jeffrey Dampier

4 – Jeffrey Dampier

Plenty of things are worse than losing money. One can lose his life, after all. This has happened to Jeffry as he was gruesomely killed by Victoria Jackson, his sister-in-law. She wanted all of his $20 million.

Suzanne Mullins

3 – Suzanne Mullins

Suzanne won $4.2 million in 1993 and was asking for loans in 5 years. She did not manage to pay off the $200.000 she took and the firm had to settle for $154.000. That’s all he could afford to give at the moment.

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Billy Bob Harrell Jr.

2 – Billy Bob Harrell Jr.

Billy won $31 million in 1997. He could not say “no” to people who asked him for money. The man has committed suicide after ending up in a heartbreaking divorce and around zero on his bank account.

Vivian Micholson

1 – Vivian Micholson

Vivian won 152.300 pounds in 1961 as she played Castleford Football Pools. And she started spending. Her life turned into a grotesque carousel of treatment from alcoholism, loss of her husband, a couple of new marriages, and shopping. She lives on a weekly pension of 87 pounds today.

Author: Gus Barge

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