Top 10 Luckiest People Ever to Have Every Lived

Our life is ups and downs. But some people just don’t notice the moments when something goes wrong. The destiny kissed them on a forehead, and no matter what they do, they win. They are insane escapologists and lucky winners; they have crowds of soreheads at their backs but keep on going! Who are the most fortunate people alive?



Top 10 Luckiest People Ever
Top 10 Luckiest People Ever

10 – Terri Preece

The woman bought a regular Tesco oyster and found a real pearl in it! Hundreds of people shop at Tesco daily, but hardly anyone was lucky enough to find a treasure. Terri wasn’t sure what to do with her found, but in the end, she spent it on a charming £500 ring. Preece claims she hasn’t thought about this to happen, but she really loves oysters and buys them all the time.

Top 10 Luckiest People Ever

9 – A Sierra Nevada couple

These people are hiding their identities due to the fact they have found the biggest treasure over the past 100 years or even more! They didn’t have to go too far! The couple was taking a walk in their backyard when suddenly they found some suspicious item. That was a rusty can full of coins. They dug up a few boxes full of 19th-century money worth at least $10,000,000! It is the biggest hoard of gold coins ever unearthed in the United States. And it’s going on sale soon!

Top 10 Luckiest People Ever

8 – Colin and Chis Weir

This couple won the biggest jackpot in Europe. In July 2011, they were on their way back from a grocery store when they decided to get a lottery ticket. The couple confessed that was not their first attempt to win some cash on a lotto. But that was their lucky day! The ticket brought them insane £161,000,000! The couple spent a part of the money on a dream vacation.

Top 10 Luckiest People Ever

7 – Charles Wells

Over 100 years ago, when best nz online casinos were not yet invented, people had to visit real casinos and try their luck there. Mr Wells loved roulette! He spent every weekend playing, and once his lucky day came! He took a few glasses of whisky and placed all he had on one bet. Unbelievably, he won $1,000,000! Nevertheless, that was not all! It was his lucky chance, and he decided to use it to the fullest! Just two hours later, he won another million on the same wheel!

Top 10 Luckiest People Ever

6 – Maarten de Jonge

This Dutch athlete was born under the lucky star! Can you imagine that one person had tickets for both MH370 and MH17? But at the very last moment, he changed his plans. He was about to meet up with his team in Malaysia and booked a ticket for MH17, which was shot down. But a day before the flight he decided to go on a weekend and exchanged his ticket for MH370. The plane vanished without any trace. The last minute he changed it.

Top 10 Luckiest People Ever

5 – Frane Selak

The man who literary passes unscathed through fire and flood. He looked into the death’s eyes seven times since 1957. He was riding a bus that plunged into the river. Afterwards, he faced deadly episodes when he survived a plane crash after landing in a haystack, walked away from two exploding cars, and was saved from a tree after driving off a cliff. But that won’t be enough to prove his peculiarity. In 2003, he bought a lottery ticket that brought him £600,000.

Top 10 Luckiest People Ever

4 – Joan Ginther

A math teacher whom we can call a guru of the lottery. She won jackpot four times on scratch cards! All of her wins were six figure sums. The last ticket brought her an incredible $10 million win!

Top 10 Luckiest People Ever

3 – Jenny Marsey

For years, the woman was trying to lose a few pounds. Her dress size was 20, and she considered it too much. But one day she thanked God for being plump! The fire started in her kitchen when the kids were trying to fry some bread. The women rushed in right on time. She grabbed the first thing she could find at the clothes dryer – her 20-sized pants and stop the fire.

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Top 10 Luckiest People Ever

2 – Tsutomu Yamaguchi

A man who survived! He was recognised as one among the tiny amount of people who experienced both Hiroshima and Nagasaki back in 1945. Today he is a nice man who knows the real cost of life.

Top 10 Luckiest People Ever

1 – John Lyne

There are still some doubts about his title. Lucky or unlucky? A man who had experienced 16 calamities is still alive! Until his 54, he has been struck by lightning, run over by a delivery van, hit by a bus and almost drowned! A stone propelled by a catapult hit him in the mouth. Eight of his teeth were smashed! Who would survive after that? This man would!

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