Top 10 Essentials to Extend Your Living Space into Your Yard

Whether you’re a new homeowner preparing your outdoor space for the upcoming season or just want to spruce up your existing space, there are a few essential items that can quickly enhance your time spent outside and help you host gatherings all year round.
Top 10 Essentials to Extend Your Living Space into Your Yard

1. The Right Furniture for Your Space and Lifestyle

The keyword phrase here is – your lifestyle. If you’re lucky enough to own a spacious yard with various zones where you can put furniture, maybe you can divide your pleasure areas. You can create one zone for chilling and a separate one for dining. However, if you only have the space for one of the other, keep in mind your everyday lifestyle and whether you plan to entertain in that space or not.

Enjoy catching up with friends and family over a nice cocktail or a glass of wine? Then a lounge zone with a small coffee table to set down a few glasses and plates would be a great addition to your space. Or, if you prefer gathering for a nice sit-down meal, your best bet is to invest in a premium quality outdoor dining set with comfortable chairs.

2. Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits are a great addition to your space if you’re looking to create an outdoor area that you and your family can enjoy day and night and every season of the year. When looking through the wide range of outdoor fire pits online, make sure to choose a premium quality model that will add warmth and atmosphere to your space, inviting you to linger longer.

These goodies come in a diverse array of designs, so you should consider where you’d like to position the flames. Would you like your fire pit to be a focal point to look at or a fire to gather around? Also, consider the pieces of furniture you want around it and the accessories that level up your backyard. There’s really no reason to wait for sunny and warm days to enjoy your outdoor space when you can install a fire pit. These units are excellent transitional pieces that, besides sprucing up your outdoor space, can also make your life alfresco a little cosier.

Outdoor Fire Pit

3. The Proper Outdoor Lighting

Soft lighting is a great way to set the mood in your backyard or garden space. If you’re just setting up your outdoor area, you can plan out and install an outdoor lighting system that will cover all frequently used areas and will create stunning focal points. However, this is a larger investment and requires the help of an experienced lighting professional.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like splurging too much on this aspect of your outdoor space design, you can always go with freestanding solar-powered lights or battery-operated LED lights. You can add these along pathways to clearly mark the area and create an ambience that’s easy on the eyes. Furthermore, you can hand string lights over your dining or lounging area to instantly set the mood and create an atmosphere. And the best part of it all is that you can do all this by yourself – it’s much easier than it may seem.

When buying outdoor lighting, keep in mind to pick models that are specifically designed for outdoor use. These units usually have seals to keep out moisture and come with many other features that make them weather-resistant. Look for those marked as “commercial grade”, as these are usually long-lasting and come with a warranty.

4. A Grill

If you’d like to upgrade your outdoor setup, why not add a grill for the ultimate entertaining experience? Before buying, do some research on what exactly you need for your space and your entertaining style. Generally, grills fall into different categories based on their style and fuel type. Gas-powered covered grills and freestanding charcoal grills are the most common choice; however, make sure to pick something that suits your outdoor space and your lifestyle.
A Grill

5. Colorful Cushions

Adding a few colourful throw cushions to your neutral outdoor sofa can make a world of difference in the overall feel and mood of your outdoor space. You can also add cushy seat cushions to your wooden chairs to boost their comfort and make your outdoor living space cosier.

When buying cushions, choose models specifically designed for outdoor use. Look for water-repellent fabrics that can withstand the elements and will not fade when exposed to the sun. To keep your cushions clean for longer, make sure to store them when you don’t plan to use them for a longer period of time.

6. Cosy Throw Blankets

If you need a little something to round out the look of your outdoor space, consider adding throw blankets to your sofas and chairs. These goodies are very practical for chilly evenings and can infuse colour in an otherwise monotonous set-up or calm down a busy and patterned furniture layout. Pick throw blankets made of fabrics you can easily wash in the machine, such as cotton, linen and acrylic blends.

7. A Large Serving Tray

To minimise the trips you’ll make back and forth to the kitchen, pick a large serving tray that will accommodate more tableware. Go for one that can help you transport at least a couple of glasses, plates, and one or two dishes of nibbles. Your smartest choice would be a serving tray with a deep lip around the edge, as these can help prevent your plates and glasses from sliding off the tray while you’re carrying it.

8. Durable Outdoor Tableware

Investing in an outdoor tableware set that’s made from durable materials can make accidentally dropping a glass or a plate on the ground less stressful. Plus, when you have separate outdoor tableware, you won’t have to worry about losing cutlery from your primary indoor set. Consider wood or enamelware as durable alternatives for plates and platters.

Durable Outdoor Tableware

9. Source of Shade

If you enjoy spending a lot of time in your sunny backyard, you’ll appreciate having some shade to shelter when the sun gets too strong to handle. You can opt for a shade source in any form; think shade trees, umbrellas, pergolas draped in vines, retractable awnings, etc. If you want to have the flexibility of moving a spot of shade where you need it, your best bet would be freestanding umbrellas.

10. Outdoor Speakers

Nothing can lift the ambience quicker than music. Whatever music you may enjoy, it’s always a good idea to have at least a simple portable wireless speaker that you can listen to your favourite tunes on when you’re unwinding.

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