Ten of The Very Best Live Betting Sites in The UK

Ten of The Very Best Live Betting Sites in The UK

If there is one kind of gambling we brits love it is live sports betting. But with so many new betting sites emerging just which ones are worthy of your time and of course money? Today we will be taking a look at ten of the best live betting sites in the UK and finding out what each one offers over the rest…

Britain Bet

If you fly the British flag and drinks lots of tea Britain bet is probably the betting site for you. While still fairly new to the world of online sports betting they offer great deals, amazing deposit bonuses and live betting on sports from all around the world, not just UK-based ones.

Virgin Bet

While I have heard their customer service needs some improvement you can’t be in better hands with a household brand name that isn’t going to fold and run away with your money any time soon. To be fair, this live betting site has been around for a while, but I also know it hasn’t changed much either which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on what way you look at it.

Bet Fred

Yes, it’s a high-street name with an OK betting website, but what you get here is convenience. You can pop into one of the many shops and pay cash for a bet that you can then follow and indeed cash in online! Not many betting sites can say that!


If you don’t like a complicated app or website this is the site for you. With easy-to-read text, simple betting procedures and a UI that even your Granddad would understand. I know some people moan about just how simplistic the website is, but some people (like myself) do prefer it.


Provided that you don’t mind playing their high club fees this is a high-class betting app that is pretty much limitless when it comes to the amount you can bet (and indeed win). With some of the largest sports betting wins online this site is high-class, high cost, but many say it’s worth every penny.

Ten of The Very Best Live Betting Sites in The UK

William Hill

This site is home to millions of online betters and of course, is yet another household name that can be found on the high streets all over the UK. Some have said that the website is a little over-complicated at times, but others like it for the sheer range of betting services and options.

The Pools

Offering some of the best horse racing odds you will find online this site has great live in-play stats and game feeds, but sadly this site doesn’t have a lot of range when it comes to other sports which is a shame.

Paddy Power

It might have an Irish name and host its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, but it also has some of the best live sports betting options in the UK and abroad. They have been around since 1988 so really know what they are doing, but it is also worth noting that they don’t offer the best discounts when compared to many of these other sites.


OK, so its website isn’t the most user-friendly, but then again this is a high-street brand that can be trusted as they have been around since 1926 when Joe Coral opened his very first betting shop in the West End of London. You just have to take the time to get used to the site to make it worthwhile.


You just knew this household name had to make it onto this list. It gets its name as the founders were commission agents for horses trained at Ladbroke Hall in Warwickshire! The site is pretty easy to navigate and they do have some good bonuses and deals. But it is worth seeing that they offer in the shops as well as online as people have told me there is some disparity between the two.

What of these betting sites do you use? Is there another one that you use that isn’t on this list? Do let us know in the comments below.

Author: Gus Barge

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