Ten Reasons Make Life More Comfortable With Linear Actuators 

Ten Reasons Make Life More Comfortable With Linear Actuators 

It is difficult to imagine the device and functionality of home automation without such a product as a linear actuator. Or let’s be honest – without this mechanism, nothing will work and perform. Linear and micro actuators are executive movements that physically affect the controlled object. Therefore, the demand for them is growing steadily with the desire of people to make their life more comfortable. 

  1. The linear actuator will lock the door in case of suspicious activity towards your home. It can be part of your home security system, or simply as an assistant to automatically open and close your garage door or any other door in your home.


  1. Actuators can help regulate water and if it leaks, the actuator will automatically shut off the water supply, thereby protecting you from a flood.


  1. Actuators can take all necessary measures in the event of smoke or gas leaks in the house.


  1. Your windows can be opened and closed using actuators. By setting timers, you don’t have to worry about airing your home at all.


  1. Controlling the opening and closing of blinds will also be excellent automation for your home.


  1. The drive will make your resting place the most comfortable. The TV will move to any convenient position, as well as drive back into the wall with special built-in TV elevators.


  1. You have no idea how much actuators can help you in the kitchen, starting with the most important little things, such as AUTOMATIC SPICE SHELVES, we all know how much space spices can take, but thanks to the excellent design and actuators, they will be hidden from view and not will interfere when not needed.


  1. If you want to optimize your home space, then AUTOMATIC HIDDEN STORAGE is the right solution. Thanks to the drives, it is possible to make the space under the stairs or attic places that will be roomy and convenient to use.


  1. Actuators can be used to adjust the height of your dining and work tables. You can also make a retractable coffee table in the living room. It can slide off the floor, or be fully height controlled.


  1. But the real miracle and ode to human comfort actuators give f they are integrated into the furniture. In particular, in bed. It is likely that having become the owner of such an adjustable transformer model with the remote control you will spend more time there. Well, maybe it’s worth it. A mode in which the head of the bed is raised by 7-15 ° will facilitate breathing and prevent snoring. Zero gravity allows your legs to be slightly raised above the level of the body and will improve blood circulation, reducing stress on the spine. But you can not only relax in such a bed, but you will also be able to work! The cherry on the cake of such a wonderful bed will be the presence of a massage regime. All this can be controlled using the remote control or smartphone with a pre-installed application.


With linear actuators and your imagination, you can come up with any application in your daily life. Do not limit yourself and make your life easier and more comfortable.

Ten Reasons Make Life More Comfortable With Linear Actuators 

Breathing life into an object

Home automation is a collection of electronic-mechanical components that provide the owner with the ability to control remotely and track what is happening at home. The actuator is the main part of any device that must perform any programmed action. It acts on the control object, changing the flow of energy or materials that enter a certain object. In the home automation ecosystem, actuators perform commands of controllers. With the help of control devices, they set up the rest of the automation components, connect them, and supply them with electricity. These actuators serve to control some real physical objects and devices or change the state of the environment in any way. The simplest and most popular actuators are conventional sockets with the ability to remotely turn on or off, light switches and dimmers, IR emitters for air conditioning control, “smart” lamp holders. Among the actuators, there are controlled wireless door locks, modules for controlling motors for blinds, heating devices, and elements of ventilation systems. In the very near future, washing machines, stoves, television equipment, refrigerators, stereos, irons, etc. will be able to act as an actuator in a home automation system.

Nice weather right in your home

So, actuators play the main role in a certain and comfortable microclimate in your home, and here’s why. They allow you to automate a very regenerative function – room ventilation. In our daily routine, we can not do this for weeks, forgetting about the importance of the supply of fresh air and the weathering of dust and microbes from premises. The smart device is equipped with an external temperature sensor and allows the system to be used in an autonomous mode, without being tied to external control window systems. The device can have quite a lot of settings and below you can adjust the motor speed, the actual percentage of opening and closing the window, the percentage of the efforts (the lower it is, the less wear is on the engine), auto mode activation time, etc.

The actuator is also responsible for the comfortable temperature of your floor. Taking into account the popularity of the “warm floor” in many countries of the world, manufacturers pay more attention to its safety and efficiency. Water-heated floors require a more careful and professional approach in the installation and selection of technical parts, including actuators.

And do not forget that the bed allows you to make such “magical” transformations, it would seem, an ordinary actuator. A small detail of a big business…


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