Top 10 Engagement Ring Styles Set to Debut in 2022

Top 10 Engagement Ring Styles Set to Debut in 2022

Even though diamonds are forever, the ring styles that hold these precious gems change year after year. Whatever your pre-vow preferences, shopping from trusted gemologists like Diamonds Forever San Diego is a must to ensure that your engagement rings live up to your wildest expectations. The best jewellers provide a no-pressure shopping experience with genuine diamonds with outstanding cut, clarity, colour, and carat. 

If you’re shopping for ring ideas for that special someone, here are the top ten styles coming out in 2022. 

Pear-shaped engagement rings

Over the years, the preferred shape of the stone has changed. For many years, the princess cut and the cushion cut were top choices. Now, the brides want pear-shaped stones in their bands. These flattering ovular rings are taking over the top shelf in next year’s jewellery stores. 

Non-traditional stones

Another popular trend is turning to non-traditional stones. Often, brides want a meaningful stone related to a particular date. Non-traditional stones can be birthstones, colourful gemstones, and pearls. Couples-to-be are also turning to eco-friendly and affordable options like Moissanite. The idea behind non-traditional stones is to choose a ring that thinks outside of the jewellery box.

Vintage styles

The newest vintage styles harken back to the craftsmanship of a bygone era. The rings usually include smaller centre stones with more decorative elements and accent stones. Art deco styles are especially popular with today’s brides for their refined flair.

Top 10 Engagement Ring Styles Set to Debut in 2022

Halo engagement rings

The halo engagement ring has a centre stone set atop a pyramid of accent stones. The halo covers the front of the band, lending an extra wow factor to the sparkle-obsessed bride. 

Hidden halo engagement rings

On the flip side, the hidden halo offers brides a subtle secret under the centre stone. The invisible halo includes a series of pavé stones on the basket of the ring. This secret bling belongs to the bride and groom, as they are typically the only people who know it exists. If you and your promise are fans of the inside reference, this ring is the perfect sentimental item to represent your marriage. 

Double-banded engagement rings

Double-banded engagement rings have a decorative centre stone with accents attached to a pair of bands. This style offers a modern look and shows off the centre stone like no other design, so it’s perfect for brides with a dream stone in mind. 

Rose gold bands

For years, platinum was the metal of choice for brides. Now, many are turning to the warmth of rose gold. This metal gives rings a vintage look but with an updated style. 

Top 10 Engagement Ring Styles Set to Debut in 2022

Single eternity bands

Single eternity bands are a fun trend that lets brides and grooms design meaningful rings ranging from simple to eccentric. Couples can choose a circle full of diamonds or one loaded with colour. The opportunities are endless, and the rings are all beautiful. 

Coloured stones and diamonds

Diamonds are traditional, but some brides want nothing to do with tradition. Coloured stones allow brides to design a ring that is uniquely theirs. 

Classic solitaires

The classic solitaire hasn’t topped the trend charts for a few years, so now it looks refreshing and new. Pair it with an eternity band if you want to add unique styling to this storybook ring design.

Wrap up

The styles set to debut in 2022 include options for everyone. From stunning solitaires to rings loaded with pavé and accent stones, brides can choose everything from understated beauty to showy bling. Even if diamonds aren’t your best friends, there’s sure to be a ring style for you in 2022. 




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