Ten of the Largest Casinos From Around the World

Casinos aren’t really known for their subtlety or easy grace. They’re all about one thing and one thing only, how big they can be, and by big, I mean, yes, the physical size, but also how ostensibly opulent, and how bright, and how flashy! It is impossible to go wrong with a Casino. No matter how many individuals win a fortune out of Casino, at the end of the day, there is only one true winner — the Casino itself.

However, all the Casino’s are always embroiled in beating each other at pulling the most out of this lucrative industry, going bigger, bolder and more opulent! While one may assume that Las Vegas would be the home to the largest Casino in the world (thank you, The Hangover), it is actually Macau, China, that holds that privilege.

If you want any further evidence that China is out for nothing less than total World Domination, here it is. Eight of the world’s largest, grandest Casinos belong in Macau.

Here’s a list of the ten largest casinos in the world, in no particular order.

MGM Grand Macau — Macau, China

1. MGM Grand Macau — Macau, China

With 267,000 square feet, this vastly popular casino wraps itself around two vast floors. However, the biggest attraction in this Casino isn’t the BlackJack tables; it’s the 26-foot cylindrical aquarium full of LED lights and over 1000 fishes of different varieties!

Casino Estoril — Lisbon, Portugal

2. Casino Estoril — Lisbon, Portugal

This is the inspiration for a little movie you might have heard of called Casino Royale! Spanning 26,900 square feet, this is the largest Casino in Europe.

While it has all the features generally found in large Casinos, such as an abundance of games and dining options, what really sets this Casino apart is the fact that it also comes with an art gallery, music venue and a dance club! Way to bring high art into the mix.

Foxwoods Resorts Casino — Ledyard, Connecticut

3. Foxwoods Resorts Casino — Ledyard, Connecticut

Located on Mashantucket Pequot Indian Reservation, this is a Hotel-Casino covering 340,000 square feet, full of 380 gaming tables, 7000 gaming machines, and 29 restaurants.

The special thing about this Casino is that it comes with a two storey Gaming Arcade, so the next time you’re worried about what your little kid will do in Casino, don’t worry; you can drop them off at the Kids’ section as you go and indulge in the Adult games!

MGM Grand Las Vegas — Las Vegas, United States

4. MGM Grand Las Vegas — Las Vegas, United States

Spanning 171,500 square feet, this was the largest Casino in the world when it first opened back in 1993. However, even now that that rank has been snatched from it, it can still boast a few things no one has thought of.

For one thing, it can boast five pools and lazy rivers, an arena that can seat 17,000 people, and best of all; it offers an interactive Crime-Solving experience inspired by the never-ending hit crime series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Casino Ponte — Macau, China

5. Casino Ponte — Macau, China

This is a wonderfully strange addition to the Casino world, not just because of the 270,000 square feet. The truly unique thing about this is its inspiration and architecture. It seems ridiculous to speak of ‘architecture’ when referring to Casino, but this one beast is mentioned.

While most casinos go with loud Contemporary opulence, this one draws inspiration from Macau’s East and West cultural pluralism and offers a design made of elements of the English and Portuguese in conjunction with traditional Chinese.

Triennium Casino — Bueno Aires, Argentina

6. Triennium Casino — Bueno Aires, Argentina

With a size of 180,000 square feet, it isn’t the largest Casino out there. However, it is the largest in all of South America, with the best restaurants in the Tigre province, complete with great Live Music Concerts on a weekly basis.

Tusk Rio Casino Resort — Klerksdorp, South Africa

7. Tusk Rio Casino Resort — Klerksdorp, South Africa

The fascinating thing about this Casino, which puts it on our list, is that it was modelled after the Rio Carnival of Brazil.

It also offers separate gambling floors for those who smoke and those who don’t and has special provisions for the different denominations. Talk about exclusivity, right?

Crown Casino — Melbourne, Australia

8. Crown Casino — Melbourne, Australia

With 220,000 square feet, the Crown Casino made headlines during its opening night when actress Rachel Griffiths streaked through in 1997. This is also popular for a ballroom boasting over 1500 seats and has hosted several high-profile award shows.

City of Dreams Casino — Macau, China

9. City of Dreams Casino — Macau, China

Besides being one of the biggest Casino’s with 448,000 square feet, it has a whole host of cool features that might prove so distracting you might forget that you were in a Casino to gamble and play games to begin with.

It has one of the largest clubs in Macau, along with an immersive LED projection theatre, the world’s largest water-based stage productions, themed gaming areas and the latest in gaming technology.

The Venetian Macao — Macau, China

10. The Venetian Macao — Macau, China

Named after the romance generally found in Venetian canals, the Venetian Macao is a luxury casino resort boasting a square foot of 546,000, 4000 gambling tables and an indoor arena that can seat 15000!

This is one of the largest Casinos in the world. It is located on the Macau Coastal Strip, and a large part of its fame is owing to its fortunate location. It is also very family-friendly and yet another reason that Asia is underrated when it comes to gambling.

Author: Gus Barge

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