Ten Laid Back Cats Who Are Way More Relaxed Than You Are

We have already seen some rather amusing and relaxed laid back dogs but if ever there was an animals that is the master of laid back and relaxed it has to be cats. From the king of laziness Garfield, to the average family cat. It is time to look at how the expert relax and look cool as I bring you…


Top 10 Laid Back Cats
Cat Leaning on Windowsill

10 – “So…what gossip you got for me then?”

Here in the UK it more often than not rains, so this is an image that perfectly captures what a lot of UK people and indeed pets do all the time. Just leaning on the windowsill waiting for it to stop so you can go outside for that short while. Seems this cat feels the same way.

Top 10 Laid Back Cats
Cat Leaning on the Fence

9 – “He John, do you have any fish I could borrow for a while?”

Whenever I see images of cats (or anyone) leaning on a fence like this it instantly reminds me of the Home Improvement TV series. With the neighbour talking through the fence even though you never get to see him. This cat seems to have that “over the garden fence” laid back chat look about it. Yeah I am fairly sure the hat is a fake, but it is still a good image.

Top 10 Laid Back Cats
Cat Relaxed on Stand

8 – “So what you up to this weekend, fancy coming out on the town?”

Is it me or do some of these laid backs cats look like they are just about to say something?!? Well maybe they don’t have to say anything, because when you are this relaxed you just know you are one happy pet. That cat stand looks so comfortable I want to try it myself!

Top 10 Laid Back Cats
Cat Relaxed in Box

7 – “Boxes are so cool.”

Cats love their boxes and it looks like this cat got the cream and is king of all the boxes! That super relaxed pose is perfect for this post and never fails to make me smile. You just know if that cat could talk it would ask you “what’s up?”

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Top 10 Laid Back Cats
Cat Relaxed on Sofa

6 – “S’up human?”

There nothing better than being laid back, sat on a sofa while chatting to friends. Strangely that is exactly what this cat looks like he is doing! I’m sure the truth is that this is a mid-playing photo captured at exactly the right time. But it sure looks funny none the less.

Top 10 Laid Back Cats
Cat Relaxed in Sink

5 – “Don’t you ever knock, I was having a bath!”

A bath is a perfect place to look laid back and relaxed. The aroma of the bubble bath, the heat from the water. Sometimes it can be the best thing in the world. Sure there is probably no water in the sink with the cat, but he still looks very relaxed. (See my post “Top 10 cats in sinks” for more images like this.)

Top 10 Laid Back Cats
Cat Relaxed Looking out of Window

4 – “What are the neighbours doing with that rolled up carpet?”

Don’t tell me you haven’t done it! Heard a commotion going on outside and had a peek behind the curtains or blind to see what is going on. It is just natural human curiosity and if there is one thing a laid back cat, all relaxed on his cat pole that is conveniently placed near a window is going to suffer a lot from it is curiosity.

Top 10 Laid Back Cats
Cat Relaxed on Office Desk

3 – “So I heard he was dating Katie, but when I asked them about it he denied it!”

If ever there is an image that shows me on a Friday evening at work, this is it. We have all done it. Taken just a few minutes out of work time to have a chat about something pointless like the weather or maybe explaining what you are (or already have) got up to on the weekend. It’s only naughty if the boss catches you doing it!

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Top 10 Laid Back Cats
Cat Relaxed on Sofa

2 – “I’m not sleeping, I’m exercising my eye-lids.”

Sometimes being perfectly relaxed in your favourite chair after a long day at work is the perfect end of the day. And it seems this cat feel exactly the same way. If ever there was a totally relaxed and laid back cat this has to be it.

Top 10 Laid Back Cats
Cat Relaxed on Kerb

1 – Watching the World go by.

This for me is the perfect summer day. Just sat in some outdoor cafe, coffee in one hand, watching the world go about its business. Maybe even take the time to ponder where people are walking to, or thinking as they go about their lives. Well, maybe this cat is doing the same thing.

Author: Gus Barge

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