A Guide to Japan’s Top 10 Casino Games

A Guide to Japan's Top 10 Casino Games

Can’t figure out which game to choose to conquer the pinnacle of excitement? In such a flood of information, it is difficult to find a diamond, and players spend a lot of time testing machines that are not worth paying attention to.

We don’t know your game preferences, so it would be silly to advise something from ourselves. We decided to take a different approach. We created the top 10 games that Japanese people play most often. Dry statistics, number of players, time spent in the game, RTP, and much more allowed us to compile our unbiased top. And so, meet the best games in Japan.


Mahjong is a board game played by four people. Playing cards are often used in board games, but Mahjong uses tools called tiles.

Connect 14 tiles to create a complete piece; the first person to complete it wins. There are rules to playing Mahjong so that the tiles match, which is the key to making the game fun.


Pachinko is a game where you turn a knob to shoot balls and aim to hit the jackpot by placing balls in a winning hole or matching numbers displayed on the LCD image of the pachinko.

If the ball comes back with more balls than you launched, you win, and if you run out of balls before you can win the next jackpot, you lose. There are different machines, and the frequency of ball strikes and the number of balls that come out varies from model to model.

Moon Princess

Any fan of Japanese culture – especially anime and manga – is sure to enjoy the whole experience, and this is a great game for those who can handle the heightened “cuteness” of this slot. It delights in the presence of free spins, which are differentiated according to the superpowers of each of the princesses. Each girl can also help you by using their superpowers to turn “empty” spins into potentially winning ones. Moon Princess slot machine is full of all sorts of features, and once you’ve read the theoretical description and gotten a superficial first impression, you’ll enjoy this game – as will most other players worldwide.

Hawaiian Dream

It was a seemingly unremarkable slot from a little-known studio, even with rather complex master rules. But it attracts more and more players. We can pretend this is because of the exciting gameplay, excellent design, and unique mechanics, not because of the beautiful girls in swimsuits on the cover. Thousands of people can’t be wrong; the game is worthy of your attention.

Japanese roulette

For those who want to feel the atmosphere of a real casino, this game is not for you. Playing Japanese roulette is like being on a date with a lovely girl who is also the dealer of your game. She sweetly talks to you, answering your questions in the chat room while monotonously taking bets and spinning the roulette. This is more like a VIP room where you are the main client of the casino because the dealer is in a small room for one person, reminiscent of a dojo. In any case, this interaction format carries a unique experience, and the dealer’s professionalism remains at the level of a real casino.

A Guide to Japan's Top 10 Casino Games


Baccarat is a card table game that relies on luck rather than player strategy. Like BlackJack or 21, each card has a different face value, but the player scoring closest to 9 in Baccarat wins. Unlike other card games, in Baccarat, the player does not make decisions during the game but only bets on one side.

The live version of the game is no different from the regular version. Players interact with the dealer just like in a real casino but in an online format. By going to the Live Casino section and selecting the dealer, the player will see an interface that allows them to play the game. The player will also have a chat room through which they can communicate with the croupier. The croupier monitors the chat and answers questions using his voice, commenting on the game in parallel. This creates the atmosphere of a real casino from the comfort of your own home.

Tome of Madness

Tome of Madness, a slot machine whose action begins in a mysterious setting, is a story about an adventurer professor who solves the mystery of a magical book hidden in ancient ruins and brings the mythical monster Cthulhu into the picture.

This mythical monster, Cthulhu, is famous in America, and the myth of Cthulhu is a mysterious creature that often appears in ghost stories. This giant octopus-like creature is the mega symbol (jackpot symbol) of this slot, and the slot machine evolves in an environment where you solve the mystery.

Rise of Olympus

Play’n Go games are of fantastic quality, and Rise of Olympus is no exception. This time, you will have to go to the legendary Mount Olympus and meet the ancient Greek gods. The drums are located on a dark background, and on the side of them, there will be Poseidon himself watching your game. We should also mention an excellent soundtrack, which will keep you company on this journey.

Graphics in Rise of Olympus is at a great level. The game does not slow down at all and opens very quickly. No programs are required to run it except for a browser. If you are looking for a fun game with an interesting theme, check out Rise of Olympus. It has a medium volatility and will suit absolutely any type of player.


The slot machine “Reactoonz2” has an unusual “alien” theme and offers gamblers to go on a space adventure. If luck is on the side of the players, they will be able to get large payouts because the volatility of this slot is quite high. Slot Reactoonz2 stands out with a bright design, which fully corresponds to its theme. On the blue background, you can see the name of the game, stars, and an alien, and on the playing field, a variety of forms of alien intelligence appear.

Fruit Party 2

Fruit Party 2 is a slot machine provided by the provider PRAGMATIC PLAY. It has gotten a lot of attention as the successor to the previously hugely popular Fruit Party, so casual fans have heard of it at least once. It’s been about ten months since this game was released in August 2021, but it’s still gaining support from many players.

As the name suggests, the game’s symbols are deformed fruits consisting of 5 kinds of colourful fruits, such as strawberries and green apples, as well as a total of 7 stars and hearts. I think visual fun is essential when playing casino games, and these cute symbols are soothing in a way. In addition, the Scatter symbols are represented by a set of golden peaches. Its presence was so outstanding that I was constantly chasing the appearance of a golden peach during the game. Another important point is that you can bet from 20 yen, so even casual players can easily play.

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