Money Heist: 10 Interesting Theories For Season 5B

Money Heist: 10 Interesting Theories For Season 5B
La Casa De Papel has become a mainstay on Netflix’s most-watched shows with fans analyzing released episodes on almost every social media platform especially Reddit. The show’s latest trend of killing off a major character in every volume of the show is unfair but also exciting as viewers stay focused waiting for El Professor and his team to get their act together and focus on the heist while the entire world seems to collapse around them. The first volume of the fifth season ended with the shocker of Tokyo taking out Gandia in a suicide explosion that will definitely change the ending of the second heist. Reddit hasn’t been short of predictions on what might shock you in the final part of the show.

Tokyo Is Not Dead

Well, the final thing Tokyo did in the finale of 5A should have more than killed her in the real world. However, this is Money Heist; And someone has to tell the story, right? Well, it is not just any ‘someone’, it is Tokyo. Tokyo’s background story in the season expounded on her resilience as she survived after her boyfriend was killed and why Berlin chose her because of her ability to survive through a hail of bullets. She is that woman that can survive against all odds and she sure enough, didn’t survive all that time just to commit suicide. Whether she hurled the suicide belt before it exploded or protected herself before removing the safety pins from the grenade, she must have had some plan to survive.

Sierra is Berlin’s Wife

This feels more realistic than theoretical now after the elongated background story around Belin, Tatiana and Professor long before the first heist. It is obvious that Tatiana is actually Sierra because she told The Professor at one time that he wasn’t even honest with his brother meaning there is something that the professor did before Berlin died that he has to answer for. That means that Sierra is a former criminal and not the law-abiding police officer she claims to be.

Sierra Will Still Betray Professor

Sierra is a difficult woman to understand but one thing about her is clear; she doesn’t enjoy living a life on the run like Professor and his team. She obviously wants to get her name absolved, unlike The Professor who has obviously given up all hope of ever living as a law-abiding citizen. Professor will not surrender to the authorities though, especially after the cruelty Tamayo has exerted on his team. There is therefore only one way out for Sierra, give up the professor and get her life back. She obviously hates The Professor for a lot of reasons and helping deliver her baby did not buy the genius enough credit in her book.

Money Heist: 10 Interesting Theories For Season 5B

There Will Be A New Robber To Help With The Escape

Marseille has been an important member of the team on the outside helping get Lisbon into the Bank of Spain and helping The Professor run external operations. However, Marseille won’t be able to safely bring the robbers out of the bank on his own. The robbers are also short-handed and no longer seem to be in control which is why Arturo was able to pull off his stunt in the first place. To finish the operation smoothly, the professor will have to get a level minded robber into the bank to pull off a perfect exit. The background stories may have already hinted at who that robber might be.

Lisbon Will Negotiate A Surrender

This is probably the worst possible outcome for both the fans and the robbers but that is what you expect when you recruit a former cop to lead a heist. Lisbon has never fully accepted her life as a robber; a part of her is still inspector Raquel Murillo, and given the opportunity, she will do the legal thing. Lisbon has always had a difficult time fitting into the Professor’s team, and with the heist on the brink of being bungled, she will have to make the tough choices.

Nairobi is dead, as is Tokyo, Helsinki is fighting for his life, The professor seems to be out of his depth and the government has declared them terrorists and not robbers anymore and there is just nothing more to lose for the police. When forced between a rock and a hard place, Lisbon will more likely negotiate with the government than go with Palermo’s scorched earth policy.

Palermo Will Die Just Like Berlin

Palermo was supposed to be a significant part of the fifth season but the second heist hasn’t been as smooth as the first and he hasn’t had the chance to prove himself. Helsinki was the closest thing he had to a true lover and friend and with his life on the line, Palermo may just be about to start operating with his heart rather than his head. Huge sacrifices will have to be made for the robbers to make an exit from that bank, and as things stand now, one person will have to stay behind just like Berlin did in the Royal mint and there is only one way that ends. Denver, Lisbon and Stockholm don’t have the luxury of giving the ultimate sacrifice which leaves Palermo as the last hope for the robbers.

Rio Will Revolt Against The Professor

Rio’s problems started the day he fell in love with Tokyo and nothing has worked for him since the robbers negotiated for his release. Tokyo broke up with him but he still loved her and her ultimate sacrifice may be his breaking point. He doesn’t have anything to lose, which is why he will be the most radical of the robbers and The Professor will obviously try to keep him in line. If the Professor does anything that Rio thinks undermines Tokyo’s memory, he will overreact and the robbers may be forced to shut him up like they did when he revolted during the first heist.

Money Heist: 10 Interesting Theories For Season 5B

Professor Will Adopt Sierra’s Child

If you remember the first heist, Angel is the officer that was accused of conspiring with the robbers and he ended up in the ICU. Sierra is just an upgraded version of Angel in the second season and she has made it clear that she will do anything to bring down The Professor and his gang. Since the second heist has proved to be bloodier than the first, Sierra is obviously in for a harsher fate than Angel and death or jail may be the only options she has left since she won’t team up with The Professor. El Professor will not sit by and watch her son be orphaned though considering his guilt for Berlin’s death. Raising up Sierra’s son right may be the only way for Professor to give back for the sacrifices Berlin made for him and the mistakes he has made.

Angel Will Take Over from Tamayo

Tamayo is already out of his depth, and the professor has always been ahead of the government in the entire second heist thanks to Tamayo’s inability to offer good leadership. The only thing that kept Tamayo in charge was his ability to lie and keep the government’s name clean throughout the operation but that has been compromised by his failed attempts to end the heist with three multiple attempts to charge being thwarted by the robbers. Angel is the only person that seems to understand the robbers and Professor’s next move, so it won’t be strange for the government to clean up its act and try to do the right thing for once.

Denver Will Be Betrayed

When Manila came into the picture, it seemed as if she was the next great thing that happened in Money Heist after Grenade Launchers. However, her feelings for Denver have proved to be a problem and she is more interested in Denver than the heist. Stockholm has also proved that she has a weak spot for Arturo despite his actions and that has really messed up Denver’s ability to keep a cool head in the second heist. Denver will have to make a choice before the heist is over; and whoever he chooses will effectively mean that either Manila or Stockholm will have nothing to lose and they may betray the gang.

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