Ten Photos of Animals Standing Next to Their Identical Twins

Being a single child from my parents I was lucky enough to have all the attention I ever needed. But that only made me feel sorrier for my 2 best friends that just happened to be identical twins! But strangely, despite looking exactly like each other it was very clear that their parents preferred one over the over!?! So today I thought we would take a look at the animal kingdom and see what identical animal twins get up to…



Identical Twin Owls
Identical Twin Owls

10 – “He’ my twin!? I thought that was a mirror!!!”

FACT: They come from the same egg, they are without the shadow of doubt identical twins. But that is not actually true! Twins might look exactly that same, talk the same, even wear the same clothes, but anyone mother of a set of identical twins knows exactly who is who, and this is not just a “Parent” thing, even parents of adopted identical children can tell me apart quite easily.

Identical Twin Birds

9 – “Twins? No, I have never met him until today!”

FACT: Twins that are separated at birth for whatever reason seems to have a habit of finding each other no matter what the distance. One twin who lived in China, found her identical twin in Mexico by getting into a car and driving (and I quote) ” Wherever the wind took her!”

Identical Twin Kangaroos

8 – “We argue all the time, but we always make-up with each other after a boxing match.”

FACT: Really, really want to have twins? Then why not move to the small town of Cândido Godói, USA that is well-known to be the twin capital of the world! A massive 8% of all births in São Pedro resulted in twins, in the rest of the World, it is less than 1%.

Identical Twin Monkeys

7 – “Let’s face it Dave, she wasn’t right for you, she didn’t even have a twin sister for me!!!”

FACT: Some twins have been known to start bonding while still in the fetuses! Modern use of 3D ultrasound has seen pairs of twins reaching out to each other and touching hands!

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Identical Twin Horses

6 – “Let’s go for an Autumn walk he said, it will be fun he said! ….he was wrong, I’m cold.”

FACT: Is has been discovered that there is, in fact, something called “Twin Talk” This autonomous language created and shared between twins, even if those sounds are complete nonsense to someone listening in.

Identical Twin Parrots

5 – “We do try to get on with each other, but HE snores all night, drives me mad!”

FACT: This might sound strange, but twins can be identical, but also be different races! It is possible for a woman to release two eggs during ovulation and then get impregnated by two different men at the same time, thus giving birth to both at the same time, but each child being different skin colours.

Identical Twin Bengal Tigers

4 – “FYI: We are not identical, he has 1 less black stripe than me so there!!!”

FACT: This will blow your mind apart, Twins can be born several years apart!!! Well kind of anyway, it all depends how you interpret what a set of “twins” is, those who have come from the same batch of embryos might well come from the same treatment cycle, so born at different times, but still 100% identical!

Identical Twin Ducks

3 – “I look nothing like him! Clearly, his feathers are nowhere near as fine as my own.)

FACT: Twins are born because of the Twin Gene! It is only women are affected by the hyper-ovulation gene meaning that despite twins running in the family unless it is the female’s family it might not happen!

Identical Twin Dogs

2 – “The funny part is we went out on separate days and bought these for each other!”

FACT: Sadly it seems that there are several risks involved in having twins,  more than half of all twins are born are at a low birth weight, which can increase the risk of long-term health problems for them. Kind of sad but apparently true.

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Identical Twin Flamingos

1 –  “Together we sleep, together we stand! …one-legged of course.”

FACT: Think Twins are rare? Think again because one in every 30 babies born is one of a set of twins! And with 130 million babies born each and every year, that is a lot of twins.

Author: Gus Barge

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