Ten Iconic Character Cat Illustrations by the Talented Mike Joos

We have already seen the amazing works of art that Mike Joos makes in the post “Top 10 Cycling Iconic Character Illustrations” and now it is time to take a look at how he sees some of those iconic characters and people if they were cats. Sometimes the results are spot on with picking their personality traits and at other times they are just a bit of fun…


Top 10 Iconic Character Cat Illustrations
Darth Vader Cat

10 – Darth Vader – www.mikejoos.com

If ever there was a character that should definitely be a cat it is good old Darth Vader. Cats are always trying to rule their own Empires at home so why not make it a galaxy instead!

Top 10 Iconic Character Cat Illustrations
Boba Fett Cat

9 – Boba Fett – www.mikejoos.com

Boba Fett was a bounty hunter that was ruthless in catching his target. So I suppose that given the fact that cats hunt much the same way it makes sense he would be a perfect cat as well.

Top 10 Iconic Character Cat Illustrations
Tron Cat

8 – Tron – www.mikejoos.com

Jeff Bridges seems to have a furry cat look about him these days anyway! But this is, of course, Tron cat and it is a much younger version of Jeff. The cat does seem to have that “sucked into a virtual world” kind of look about him.

Top 10 Iconic Character Cat Illustrations
Jar Jar Binks Cat

7 – Jar Jar Binks – www.mikejoos.com

Is it me or is Jar Jar Binks even grosser as a cat? Well, maybe that is the way the artist wanted us to see it anyway. As a cat, I would run a mile from Jar Jar, but as the normal character, I might be inclined to stop and stare.

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Top 10 Iconic Character Cat Illustrations
Super Mario Cat

6 – Super Mario – www.mikejoos.com

This is just perfect. All the fun and frolics that Super Mario is about put into a single cat form. I love the boots and the fact that it looks like the cat is wearing gloves as well. What is worth noting is that this is one of the only cats that is actually smiling! The rest have a rather serious look about them.

Top 10 Iconic Character Cat Illustrations
Chewbacca Cat

5 – Chewbacca – www.mikejoos.com

If Chewbacca was indeed a cat he would definitely be a Maine Coon. Big, furry and likes to trash all things that are in its way. In fact, if you look back at the original Star Wars character there is something rather cat-like about him.

Top 10 Iconic Character Cat Illustrations
Stormtrooper Cat

4 – Stormtrooper – www.mikejoos.com

No matter what you do to it and its friends Stormtrooper Cat is loyal to the end. I wonder if this cat is one of the very first troopers who was cloned from bounty hunter Jango Fett

Top 10 Iconic Character Cat Illustrations
Wolverine Cat

3 – Wolverine – www.mikejoos.com

I think Wolverine Cat needs to have its claws trimmed! But how do you trim the claws of a cat when they are made from Adamantium! I think most cats already think they are Wolverine anyway without the illustrations to show us their imaginary form.

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Top 10 Iconic Character Cat Illustrations
Ironman Cat

2 – Ironman – www.mikejoos.com

Not a single bit of fur is open to attack. This is the power of Ironcat. I think if cats had their way they would all be wearing these suits in an attempt of world domination. But a few catnip rockets will soon calm them down again.

Top 10 conic Character Cat IllustrationsI
Hulk Cat

1 – Hulk – www.mikejoos.com

Hulk cat is right on the money in my opinion. He is angry, ragged looking and massive. Just as a side note if you did like these illustrations please do visit the link and take a look at the rest of this amazing artist work as there are loads more cats and other styles to see.

Author: Gus Barge

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