Ten Tips For Keeping Your Hair Looking Strong and Healthy

Ten Tips For Keeping Your Hair Looking Strong and Healthy

Every other person in the world is found seeking ways to take care of their hair. In this world, where stress is endless, pollution and health problems are in abundance and your hair often ends up getting damaged then you end up buying hair extensions online. The good news is here are ten tips for keeping your hair looking strong and healthy…

10 – Carefully Choose the Products

You need to very carefully choose the products to apply to your health for their health and growth. Always buy the ones which best suit your hair. If you do so, your hair’s health will liven up and you will avoid hair damage and falling.

9 – Hair Treatment

Hair treatment is always necessary and vital to do. Get your hair oiled regularly. Besides you need to apply the hair mask on your tresses. Make this practice on regular basis to get good results and good hair health. In short, pamper your hair always.

8 – Using a Leave-in Conditioner

You must be applying the conditioners to your hair. If so, that’s fine. But if you want more shine and sparkles on your hair and want your hair to be healthy always, then you need to add a leave-in conditioner to your routine. It can be found in spray-on and lotion forms in the market.

Ten Tips For Keeping Your Hair Looking Strong and Healthy

7 – Applying Serum

Applying serums brings healthy and shiny results to your hair. You can find the best ones from beauty salons, beauty stores or local drugstores. Serum products moisturise the hair. To start with, you need a pea-sized amount. Begin from the bottom and go up rubbing into wet tresses with the hands.

6 – Using Cool Water

For washing the hair after applying serum or leave-in conditioner or whenever you like washing your hair, it is recommended to wash the hair with cool fresh water. If you wash the hair with hot water, it leaves your hair dry and makes them dull. Cool water makes the hair shiny and healthy.

5 – Wash Not Too Often

It is not recommended to wash the hair daily though every hair type requires a different schedule but the common rule is not to wash the hair too often. Instead, wash your hair every second or third day. Daily washing leaves the hair in bad health.

4 – Purifying the Hair

It is really recommended and hair experts and dermatologists say that replacing the usual shampoo with a purifying one is good for hair’s health. Do it once a week since it would bring in healthy results to your hair making them look shiner and healthier.

3 – Avoid Constant Colouring

We often see people colouring their hair quite often. The dermatologists and the experts do not recommend this practice at all. They say that constant colouring, re-colouring and bleaching make the hair gets damaged. Carefully choose the best hair colours to apply to your hair.

Ten Tips For Keeping Your Hair Looking Strong and Healthy

2 – Avoiding the Heat

Yes, avoiding the heat is the best practice to do and you need to do so. You are required to lessen the heat amount on your hair. Before showing the heat to your hair, you need to shower in cool water or use the cold setting on the hair dryer to reduce the damage to your hair.

1 – Eating Well

A healthy diet always brings in healthy results for your hair. Since the hair is largely made of a protein called ‘Keratin’, thus eating a protein-rich diet surely helps promote your hair’s health and growth. Eating zinc and unsaturated fats including Omega 3 is always healthy to make hair healthier.

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