Ten People (and Things) Who Had One Job and Messed It Up Completely

Love your job or hate it, but the chances are the more you hate it the more you will mess it up and there are millions of other people wanting you to mess up so they can claim your job and do exactly the same thing. So think of this post as educational of what not to do.

I guess this is the part where I say “everyone makes mistakes” or “you’re only human”. But screw that! If you mess up as bad as any of these people below then you’re either having a very bad day or you simply just suck at life. The funniest part is the fact that some of you have probably done something similar to the following, but you are keeping it a secret…

You Had One Job, Josh
You Had One Job, Josh

10 – You Had One Job, Josh

Guess who is the only person who can stop forest fires? That’s right, Josh of course! But it seems that either Josh is one busy man or he just gets lazy at times. Nevertheless, an awesome combination of graffiti and memes to create a memorable “you only had one job” moment.

Phil the Dinosaur Supervisor

9 – Phil the Dinosaur Supervisor

For the peeps who are wondering who Phil Tippett is, he is a movie director, visual effects supervisor and producer. He was hired to create the dinosaur effects for the movie “Jurassic Park” and is why the above is funny and a fail at the same time. He was credited in the movie credits as “Dinosaur Supervisor” and as the movie is about dinosaurs who escape and terrorize, Phil didn’t do a great job. And it wasn’t going to be long until memes popped up online with the caption “You had one job, Phil. One job!”

Superman Backpack or Batman Backpack?

8 – Superman Backpack or Batman Backpack?

I feel sorry for the kids whose parents bought these and sent their kids to school as this is asking to get bullied. Even if you don’t know who Batman and Superman are, the name “Batman” kind of gives it away that the character may incorporate a “Bat” somehow. Now add the fact that Superman’s logo is a giant “S”. If all else fails just blame the manufacturing machines for the error.

Lord of the Harry Potter

7 – Lord of the Harry Potter

So, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings are not like two of the biggest franchises ever or anything. The fact that the front covers kind of give you a hint on what films they are and seeing as the stand says “Own Lord Of The Rings”, I have no idea what this employee was thinking.

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Car Cup Holder Fail

6 – Car Cup Holder Fail

When you think of “you had one job” moments you initially think of humans messing up, but this image proves that even simple things such as a car cup holder can fail. I mean the only job the cup holder has and the reason he is alive is to hold beverages in the car and keep them upright. I guess this was too much for the little fella.

Toilet Seat on the Wrong Way

5 – Toilet Seat on the Wrong Way

You just know that the handyman who gets employed to fix things like this toilet seat accidentally put the toilet seat back on the wrong way, released his mistake, but walked off with real attitude while he pretended he didn’t notice.

Nike Adidas Shoes

4 – Nike Adidas Shoes

The last time I looked Adidas and Nike seemed to be rivals and I cannot imagine they are going to team up anytime soon. Which begs the questions: How the hell did this happen? Do the shoes get made at the same factory? Are the shoes knock-offs? Maybe it was an employee doing it for the LOLs.

Coca Cola Sprite Fail

3 – Coca-Cola Sprite Fail

Imagine this: You are thirsty and then you realize that you bought a crate of Coca-Cola. But when you open what you thought was Coca-Cola you find Sprite!

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Perfect Road Lines

2 – Perfect Road Lines

By no means am I a road maintenance critic, but these lines sure look like they have been laid down by a drunken person. Maybe it was someones last day on the job and they thought they would have a little bit of fun with a line painter.

Dentist Assault Suspect

1 – Dentist Assault Suspect

First of all, there is a guy that is going around assaulting dentists? I know I don’t particularly like dentists (like most people) but this guy must have had a very bad experience when he was younger. Anyway, “Firstname Lastname” is definitely a unique name, but I get the impression the text-graphics guy is out of a job.

Author: Gus Barge

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