Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your Pet

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your Pet
For some pet parents, the perfect gift is a top priority come the holiday season – or any season for that matter. Here is the top 10 gift ideas for your furry loved one or a proud pet owner who’s important to you.


1. Pet Portrait

A pet canvas featuring your cat, dog, or any other pet is a truly unique and beautiful gift idea. You can order one with your pet in costume. Popular choices include dogs and cats dressed up as lords, kings, queens, and admirals. Alternatively, you can opt for a cinematic style with your pet as the leading actor. There are options without funny costumes, of course, including masterful and exquisite pencil sketches. High-quality pet portraits don’t always cost the earth and make a great gift for family members, especially if the beloved pet has moved on.

Whatever you choose, a pet portrait will make a unique and amazing present. Few things are better than a personalized canine or feline gift, but cats and dogs are far from the only option. You can get a custom portrait of a bird, a horse, a hamster, a raccoon, or any other pet.

2. Dog or Cat Stocking

Who’s to say our pets don’t deserve a stocking too? This is a classic present. You can order one with paw prints for dogs or a faux fur trim for cats. Whatever stocking you choose, it should be large enough to accommodate a sufficient number of culinary delights.

3. Plushy Toy

Pets love toys just like kids do. A plushy toy will keep your dog or cat entertained for hours on end.

4. Deluxe Cat Tree

Tired of your loved one’s claw marks on your furniture? Cat trees were invented precisely for this purpose (unless the wayward cat refuses to use it, but that’s pretty rare). They come with beds, scratching posts wrapped in durable material like sisal, and sometimes even condos for kitties that appreciate their privacy.

5. Jumbler Ball

Jumbler balls are a versatile toy for dogs that quickly get tired of one and the same plaything. They’re housed in clear plastic with handles on the outside and a squeaky ball inside. The handles make the ball easy to pick up and throw. When you get tired, let the dog shake and push the ball around as long as they want.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your Pet

6. Lick Mat for Bathing

It’s an indisputable fact that few things are harder than bathing a dog. It will yelp, whine, and try to escape. Did we mention things the dog does? Here’s a nice bath time distraction – a lick mat. You spread their favourite snack on the mat, then stick it to the wall with a suction cup, which comes with the mat. The trick is that they can’t finish the treat quickly, giving you ample time to get them clean.

7. Tea Set

We know dogs and cats don’t drink tea. We’re talking about the owner again. There are some truly exquisite tea sets depicting lovable pooches, birds in all colours of the rainbow, or gorgeous, mystical felines. Your tea is sure to improve its taste if you serve it in one of these cups. In some sets, each cup features a different dog or cat breed. If you’re inclined to splurge, get a set made of delicate porcelain or perhaps even a gilded one.

8. Poop Bag Dispenser

Back to practical things. Make scooping up poop less of a chore with a tastefully coloured poop bag dispenser, which will look gorgeous suspended from the leash. Look for one that can hold at least one standard bag roll.

9. Float

Nothing beats a float for your furry loved one on a pool day. Look for one that can accommodate medium-size dogs and is puncture resistant. The dog will stay cool with side inserts that let water into the float. You can take foldable floats with you when you go on trips to other pools.

10. Pet Camera

Pet cameras are practical and inexpensive. The best ones are easy to set up, feature two-way audio, and ensure laser-sharp image quality at all hours of the day. You can get notifications when the camera detects sound or motion or stream the footage live from a smartphone. This way, you can be sure your pet is safe at all times.

Author: Gus Barge

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