Ten Tips for Choosing the Best Betting Sites for Canadians

Ten Tips for Choosing the Best Betting Sites for Canadians

With more and more betting sites coming online for Canadians it can be hard to know which one to choose. These ten tips are designed to help you work out just what are the very best betting sites for Canadians and all you have to do is follow these ten tips to make sure you are using a safe, secure site for all your betting purposes…

Tip 1: HTTPS

This is the oldest tip in the book, but you would be shocked at the number of betting sites that still operate in HTTP rather than the much more secure HTTPS protocol. You should always check that the little padlock is on in your browser no matter what site you are using.

Tip 2: Not All Sites are Equal

While at first, all betting sites might seem the same, there are small differences that make each of them unique in its own way. Things like bonuses, the types of games you can play and even the betting options can change from site to site. You should never presume because one site offers “X” the next one will as well.

Tip 3: Contact

When choosing an online betting site you should always make sure you can get in touch with someone if there is a problem. Does the site have live chat? Does it offer telephone help, email help? If there is a problem how can you get in touch with them? Its a question well worth asking with every site you plan to spend money on.

Tip 4: Brands Don’t Matter

One thing that often shocks people is how smaller online betting sites can offer more than the bigger ones. Bigger gambling sites don’t need to work as hard to keep your service, so you often find the better bonuses and payout stats are with non-branded sites.

Tip 5: Games

If you have paid attention you already know this thanks to Tip 2, but it is worth knowing that some sites might not offer the types of bets and online casino games you personally enjoy. Does it have all the games you might one-day want to play? Then that might well be the site for you.

Ten Tips for Choosing the Best Betting Sites for Canadians

Tip 6: Community Features

While I am not a fan of them personally some online betters do like to have games with community features like avatar chats and text chat boxes that often run in the side of the game. I know a lot of people don’t like these and with some online betting sites you simply can’t turn them off.

Tip 7: Play The Odds

I’m pretty sure everyone knows this tip, but it’s still worth mentioning. It is worth checking the odds of a bet with other sites. Just because you signed up to “X” and have good odds doesn’t mean you can’t sign up to a new site and use a bonus code to get even higher odds on the same bet!

Tip 8: Social Media

One of the best things you can check is if the site has a good online presence. Do they have social media pages? If so you might want to follow them as they will often post the best odds and the best codes on those sites first rather than live customers.

Tip 9: Bonus Checks

Most online betting sites these days have hundreds of codes and vouchers for new players, but what about existing customers? By checking out previous coupons and bonuses they have already offered you can see if they are more interested in the new players, than the old ones.

Tip 10: Read Reviews

One of the easiest things you can do is have a quick flick through the online reviews of a site. Do they seem legit? Are there some people complaining? If so what are they complaining about? It’s always worth checking them out as it could be a complaint about something you feel strongly about.

I hope these ten tips have helped you out when deciding which site to use, but if you have any more tips that would help people do leave a comment and share your knowledge.

Author: Gus Barge

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