Ten of the Worlds Weirdest Tissue Holders and Covers

If like me you often leave a box of tissues on the side or within easy reach (thanks to having messy kids) I often wonder if I should maybe cover it over with something, of even better get one of these crazy looking tissue holders…


Mount Fuji Tissue Holder
Mount Fuji Tissue Holder

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When you have the sniffles and start to feel a little down, this might well cheer you up, up and into the clouds.

Spider-Man Tissue Holder

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Pulling the tissues out like a web slinger is sure to make any runny nosed little Spidey fan very happy indeed.

Moai Tissue Holder

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Maybe this is what all those Moai heads were used for on Easter Island. Maybe back then they had much bigger tissues to pull from it.

Egyptian Tissue Holder

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From the Moai to the Pharaoh’s of Egypt. This one is sure to bring a touch of class to any room.

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Funny Photos Tissue Holder

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You can make just about any photo looks like a cool tissue box cover, just choose one with an exit (like a nostril or mouth) in the same spot the tissues dispense from.

Mollaspace Tissue Holder

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What about something fresh and modern to stop your tissue box messing up the decor.

Stylish Wooden Tissue Holder

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For the reading or office desk is something that will allow you to keep working in style, but yep still have those loose tissues handy.

Plus Minus Zero X010 Tissue Holder

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There is a sort of minimalism, no fuss, cleanness about the X010 and it’s designed to work with most tissue boxes of the standard size.

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House/Home Tissue Holder

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Making each tissue look like the smoke from a chimney gives you that warm home feeling and it’s sure to warm you up as well through even the darkest of colds and flu viruses.

Nintendo Famicom Tissue Holder

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Some people have even turned their retro games consoles into tissue holders and tissue box covers. Now that is what I call creative.

Author: Gus Barge

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