Ten Features Your German Online Casino Site Needs

Ten Features Your German Online Casino Site Needs

In the light of Germany’s new gambling law being passed by the Interstate Treaty on Gambling (GlüSTV) we are looking at ten things every site you use needs to have and display. If your chosen casino site has any of these ten things missing, don’t sign up to them as they could be a phishing site and not a real one…

Easy to Access Data

You might not think the website’s user interface (UI) is anything to do with being legal or not, but the GlüSTV licence insists that players have no more than 2 clicks to get access to their online wallet and personal information. This might not be all that important to look out for, but it will mean the site is much easier to use. When you go for a website looking for slot machine kostenlos spielen ohne anmeldung you need to make sure they are legit.

Payment Options

Some casino sites have loads of these while others only have a few, but to hold a German casino license the site needs to have PayPal, credit card and online bank transfer as a minimum.

Multilanguage Support

While 95% of people in German speak and read German any online casino site has to offer more than 1 language. Most sites stick to English or possible French, but the site can’t cheap on this, it has to be a real, dedicated translation service, not just an algorithm.

HTTPS or Nothing

To be honest this is pretty general advice and no matter where in the world you are located any casino site you use should always have HTTPS protocol in place. The only difference here is that it is a breach of contract if the site doesn’t have this feature.

Loyalty Bonuses

Again, you wouldn’t think this is a requirement, but it really is! By nature, German gamblers are not loyal at all and will jump to a new better site at least once a year, so the site HAS to offer loyalty discounts every 3-4 months or they risk losing their licence. I really like this stipulation as it means you are well looked after, unlike many other casino sites.

Ten Features Your German Online Casino Site Needs

No XR Content

No site in German is allowed to have apps with Augmented Reality (AR) – Virtual Reality (VR) features. The licencing means this is a different market to online gambling and is not allowed under their online-only licence.

Fast Contact

Most casino sites these days have good customer service, but German sites have to go that extra mile. They HAVE to have 24/7 customer support live chat and 24hr phone support! But it is worth noting that some sites have got around this by using phone and text-chat bots.

It Needs an App

In order to be classed as mobile and user friendly, the site needs an app regardless of whether people use it or not. The only thing the app needs to have is access to your personal information, but most casino sites have fully working apps anyway in which you can play any of the games you would do on a computer or laptop.

ID Proof

No ID, no account, it is as simple as that. You might be able to gamble from 18 in Germany, but when it comes to online casino sites it has to ask you for photo proof of who you are. This can be anything from a student card to a passport, just so long as they can see your face on it.

No Lotto Games

The lotteries, be they online or in the real world are all state-run under licence and are NOT part of a site’s online gambling licence. This means if they are showing lotto games they could be shut down which makes them a risky site to use.

Author: Gus Barge

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