Ten Facts About Gambling In New Jersey That You Might Not Know

Ten Facts About Gambling In New Jersey That You Might Not Know
Ten Facts About Gambling In New Jersey That You Might Not Know

It doesn’t matter if you visit a real-world casino or an online one, these ten facts are all related to gambling in New Jersey and some of them are more interesting than you might first think. In fact, you don’t even have to be from New Jersey to find some of these interesting…


Not That Old

While over in Las Vegas they built their first casino in 1931 it wasn’t until 1977 that New Jersey approved legislation that allowed casino gambling to take place in Atlantic City. For those who like their numbers that is 46 years between them!

Real and Digitial

This one is interesting. If you run a site offering Online Gambling in New Jersey you also need to have a physical casino in the real world that is of the same name or at least under the umbrella of a partnership.

Not That Many

There really isn’t that many online casinos operating in the state of New Jersey, in fact, due to the catch of them having to be linked to a real-world casino there are less than 50 of them! If you stop and think of how many online casino sites there are in the world this really isn’t a lot.

No ID, No Play!

If you think you will be playing an online casino from New Jersey from anywhere else in the world apart from the place itself then you can think again! All players must be physically present in the state of New Jersey and need to prove so via location sharing and a Valid ID. That means not even a VPN can allow you to play them!

It Was Once Cash Only
It Was Once Cash Only

It Was Once Cash Only

Of course real-world casinos use mostly cash, but when the first online casino sites launched in New Jersey they only accepted cash that had to be paid into the real-world component of the bricks and mortal related business! These days there are lots of ways to cash out or make a deposit, but it was true once upon a time!

Monopoly Links

While it was once just a board game these days Monopoly is also a popular online slot game and the link is that Atlantic City is where the street names came from for the game monopoly! A weak link to gambling I know, but still very interesting.

Without New Jersey, There is no MLB

People all over America have been enjoying Major League Baseball for years and it is one of the biggest online better draws. But what you might not know is that the very first baseball game was played in Hoboken which is a City in New Jersey! So without that game taking place, the MLB might never have existed!

You Are More Protected Than You Think

If you use an online casino site in NJ you are usually protected behind HTTPS encryption which is as safe as things get. But not only that, but your online account is also protected by NJ DGE (New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement) and that means your money is safe even if the whole casino chain goes bankrupt! You just don’t get that anywhere else in the world apart from NJ.

Online is ALWAYS Better Odds!

This isn’t just an odds fact, this is an actual fact! All online casinos have to offer better odds than their linked real-world bricks and mortar casinos because they don’t have to pay tax on the building so the NJ DGE insists they offer that extra money to the players!

There Has Only Been One $1 Million Winner

While there have been lots of lotto winners in the sale state with many of them winning hundreds of millions, there has only ever been one person from NJ that has won $1 million from online poker. His name was Abraham Korotki and he is the stuff of NJ legends.

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