Ten Facts About The Social Media Explosion They Call TikTok You Might Not Know

If you haven’t heard of the social media app TikTok I can only presume you live down a hole on a small island with no internet at all. So for the purposes of this blog post, I will presume you are not that person down the hole and you know about TikTok because it has been everywhere, like a social media plague. It’s massive growth in users is not the only amazing thing about this app, there is also some facts about TikTok that you might not know…


TikTok - The Global Video Community App
TikTok – The Global Video Community App

FACT 1: In China TikTok is Called Douyin

Its Douyin name translated from Chinese to English means “vibrato short video” which is quite fitting given that it is a short music video sharing app.

TikTok – The Global Video Community App

FACT 2: Its User Age is Wider Than Any Other New Social Media App

If you think off all the new social media apps like Snap-Chat and Vero they have an un-surprisingly young user base (because younger kids tend to jump onto new platforms first) but that is simply not the case with TikTok. With 500 Million active users only 50 Million are users are under the age of 16 and that means 450 Million are over 16!

TikTok – The Global Video Community App

FACT 3: Its Older Than You Think

This fact depends on the way you look at how it was formed. TikTok is a combination of new users to the app and the millions of Musical.ly users who got ported over to it. So if you include the Musical.ly app as part of the TikTok app timeline it was first launched in April 2014! But the TicTok branding and launch didn’t start up until September 2016.

TikTok – The Global Video Community App

FACT 4: The Most Followed TikTok Accounts are…

At the time of writing this post the top 10 most followed TikTok accounts are: Lisa and Lena – User Name: @lisaandlena (31.5M), Loren Gray – User Name: @lorengray (29.4M), Baby Ariel – User Name: @babyariel (29.1M), Kristen Hancher – User Name: @kristenhancher (21.4M), Jacob Sartorius – User Name: @jacobsartorius(19.8M), Jojo Siwa – User Name: @itsjojosiwa (17.1 M), Savannah Soutas – User Name: @savvsoutas (13.6M), Annie LeBlanc – UserName: @annieleblanc (13.6M), Liza Koshy (Yes the same Liza Koshy from YouTube fame) – UserName: @lizzza (13.4M) and lastly Mackenzie Ziegler – UserName: @mackenzieziegler (12.2M)

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TikTok – The Global Video Community App

FACT 5: TikTok is Currently the World’s Most Valuable Startup

With a crazy estimated worth of $75 Billion USD – (£57.77 GBP) it is now more valuable than UBER who is only worth $72 billion! The numbers in growth when compared to Facebook at the same age in its life make Facebook look like a small group of cat lovers!

TikTok – The Global Video Community App

FACT 6: TikTok is Available in 34 languages!

While lip syncing music is not something that needs translation the instructions on how to use the app do and they are available in 34 languages. But with over 6,500 spoken languages in the world today that works out at less than 1%!

TikTok – The Global Video Community App

FACT 7: Its Top Creators Are Already Earning Money

Sure, its only brand deals at the moment and many of the top TikTok creators where making money with YouTube or Musical.ly so it’s not like its new to them. But looking forward the viewing numbers are crazy and any Adsense based system will earn the top viewed creators millions in revenue every month. So best jump onto it ASAP!

TikTok – The Global Video Community App

FACT 8: Mobile Internet Providers Hate it!

You might have thought any new app that makes people use more phone data would be applauded by the various mobile internet providers, but its fast growth and quick viewing numbers are a real problem for them and they have even been quoted as saying TikTok is the reason they are trying to roll out 5G as fast as possible. Sounds like a load of rubbish to be, but they have still said it.

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TikTok – The Global Video Community App

FACT 9: You Can Clips Up to 60 seconds long!

Most people think clips have to be 15 seconds or less, but that is simply not true. That 15-second limit is just the upper limit for recording within the app, but users can string those 15-second clips together to make stories of up to 60 seconds long!

TikTok – The Global Video Community App

FACT 10: TikTok Isn’t Just About Music

While MOST of the videos posted are lip-synced musical based videos there is a whole range of categories on the TikTok app. In fact, the fastest growing category on TikTok is the comedy one as more and more people turn it into Vine 2. Which is how most people see TikTok. That might not go down well as the original makers of Vine are apparently working on a Vine 2 anyway. It seems they might be a little too late.

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