Top 10 Brands on Instagram and Take Away From Them

Top 10 Brands on Instagram and Take Away From Them
Top 10 Brands on Instagram and Take Away From Them

Instagram has revolutionised the social media industry with its pomp and glamour. Most of the celebrities on Instagram are earning huge amounts of money every month and it is now considered to be a full-time career. Today we will be taking a deeper look at the top 10 brands on Instagram and how you can learn the rule of success from them. All these brands have accelerated their growth on Instagram very fast.

  1. Nike: This brand needs to introduction. One of the biggest names in the sports and fitness genre, Nike has made a big reputation among fitness enthusiasts. Inspirational stories, close sports tie-up and exclusive contents make Nike one of the biggest names on the platform. Nike has about 48 million followers which are the highest for any fashion brand on Instagram. Nike has an awesome tradition of posting inspiring athlete stories, which clearly has its place in the hearts of the audience.
  2. National Geographic: Definitely the most influential channel in the infotainment industry. It is no surprise that they have over 50 million subscribers. Storytelling at its finest.
  3. Starbucks: With more than 8 million+ followers on their account, Starbucks is on top our list of brands on Instagram. With some bright images, captive descriptions and personal coffee arts, Starbucks have become one of the biggest brands on Instagram. They also share crazy coffee arts and encourages their followers to try out. This is a great way to keep the audience hooked and coming back for more.
  4. Adidas Originals: Another big name in the sports and fitness industry, Adidas Originals sets itself apart with its minimalist logo and theme. With over 11 million followers, it is certainly not a slouch.
  5. Oreo: Cadbury Oreo might have the most interactive bunch of followers on the platform. How many ways can you think of to take a picture of a cookie? Whatever you thought, it is wrong. Turns out that there is a lot of ways to that. With over a million followers, Oreo has one of the most vibrant community of followers out there.
  6. ALMOST VERIFIED: this might be the youngest entry of the bunch. This brand opened its doors in 2018 but have effectively conjured more than ten thousand active followers. They have effectively set the standard for fresh businesses on Instagram. With iconic products on their store, they are making some serious cash head over heels. 
  7. Bare Minerals: Beauty brands always do great on Instagram and Bare Minerals have set the stage perfectly for its 250 thousand+ followers. This brand is a perfect example of the miracles targeted marketing can do.
  8. EOS: Amassing over one million followers just bust posting great contents, seems too good to be true? This company lives by this rule.
  9. Disney: It is no secret that will all the fame on the silver screen, Disney is bound to rake in some astronomical numbers of followers. With over 5 million followers Disney sure does not have any shortage of content.
  10. MTV: MTV focuses on pop culture and celeb drama. Compelling contents have surely hooked the generation to the channel. MTV has about 5.7 million followers.

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Author: Gus Barge

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