10 Strategies To Increase Your Twitter Engagement

10 Strategies To Increase Your Twitter Engagement

On any given day, millions of organizations and people use Twitter for various reasons. It can be to monitor brand discussions, connect with consumers, manage customer care issues, promote deals and post rich and engaging material like photos and videos. All of this is done within the confines of 140 characters in each tweet. It has been found that by a margin of 64 per cent, Twitter users are more inclined to buy from businesses they follow on the site. That’s just one statistic about a site that, probably more than any other social network, has the potential to connect with customers and generate devoted brand supporters. To make the most of this potent site, here are 10 Strategies to Increase Engagement on Twitter; including some tips on the best sites to buy Twitter Followers.

1. Pick the right Twitter username

Your Twitter username is a very crucial aspect because it will appear as part of your Twitter profile URL. This means it will appear on all of your marketing materials and lead people to follow you on Twitter. Make your username as brief, basic, and memorable as possible. The majority of businesses use their brand name as their login.

2. Write a compelling Twitter bio

Use actual names in your Twitter bio to make it more interesting. This is because your Twitter profile is likely to show at the top of online search results for your name or company. The bio is a brief that appears at the top so it’s critical that you make the most of its 160-character bio. The bio content serves as the description for the search link and, of course, displays it on your Twitter profile. Use the little space sparingly to inform viewers about who you are, what you do and why they should follow you. Do this in an accurate and brief manner. To represent Twitter’s lively and conversational character, be as optimistic in tone as you can be. It’s a good idea to add the genuine name of the person who manages your Twitter account if you’re a company account so that consumers feel like they’re talking to a person rather than a vague unknown faceless brand.

3. Upload an eye-catching Twitter profile picture

Another thing while working on your profile, use a photo of yourself or your brand instead of the default Twitter avatar. You could even mix the two, but make sure that a face is clearly visible – because Twitter is based on one-to-one interactions, people will identify much more strongly with a profile that shows a real person face rather than the dreadful default ‘egg’ image.

4. Make a unique Twitter header image.

If you weren’t aware, Twitter released a new version of its desktop profiles in April 2014. These headers are equipped with a massive 1500 x 500-pixel Facebook-style header picture. It is essentially a large banner that covers the whole width of the website. Twitter has them with the option ready to be customized with your own design. It’s entirely up to you how you fill the header picture, whether it’s with a simple logo or promos for customers.

5. Make a Twitter background image that’s unique to you.

Users could submit a custom design that covered the Twitter Bio or as part of your profile’s cover photo design in prior versions of Twitter for desktop.

10 Strategies To Increase Your Twitter Engagement

6. Let consumers know when you’ll be accessible to assist them.

Many consumers increasingly use Twitter to help them solve problems with a firm, and they expect a quick response when they tweet – studies show that the average response time is about 30 minutes or less! If you want to utilize Twitter to handle customer service inquiries, it’s a good idea to let customers know when you’ll be available to respond. Include specifics regarding when you might reply as well as how long it would take on your Twitter Bio or even as an element of your profile information cover image style to reassure clients that you will respond and set clear expectations about your availability.

7. Tweet with skill

Now, after having optimised your profile, you must now create the perfect tweet and finish it off with your signature. Even though you have just 140 characters to express your message. In a single tweet, spelling, punctuation, and grammar are all important. If you can, practice composing the perfect tweet. Take great measures to ensure that it is error-free. While it’s tempting to employ short slang to squeeze as much information as possible into Twitter’s 140-character restriction, it’s at best impolite and appears informal.

8. Do not over tweet

When tweeting, to Increase engagement on Twitter, aim for quality and regularity in your tweets. It is best that you don’t spam. Don’t flood your followers’ feeds with tweets every minute of the day. This might cause them to unfollow you.

9. Make use of hashtags

Use hashtags to effectively organize your tweets. This will increase engagement on Twitter. Use #hashtags to combine tweets that are similar in nature. This will enable you to draw attention to your message. Top-trending hashtags are shown on Twitter’s main page. You may access them using the Twitter search function.

10. Buy Twitter followers

With Twitter, you won’t have to wait months or even years to get your initial few hundred followers. You can simply buy Twitter followers and the top sources for actual Twitter followers are listed.

Twitter is without a doubt one of the most popular social media platforms of the previous decade. To win over this platform is no easy fate, by using these strategies, however, your path may be largely simplified.

Author: Gus Barge

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