Ten Very Interesting Facts About The Olsen Twins

Ten Very Interesting Facts About The Olsen Twins

June 20th, 2020 marked the end of Fuller House, the less famous version of the famous 90s sitcom Full House. The catch of Full House was Michelle, who was played by the famous Olsen twins. The two Fraternal twins started acting aged just nine months and managed to alternate playing the same character for the entire eight seasons of the show. They went ahead to impress in their teenage years appearing in many hit films. The Olsen twins also became the 80s and 90s kids’ best expression of style and fashion, which is why they are still making news years after retiring from the big screens. However, while everyone asks where the twins are now and what they are doing, there is so much that people still don’t know about them including that they both had to attend a womens drug rehab for a short while. If you think that is shocking, wait until you read the rest of their story!


They Were Fired Then Rehired In Full House

The biggest problem with casting 9-month-olds is that you cannot train them. The qualification for landing the role at the auditions was that the twins didn’t cry. However, a few days after starting the role of Michelle Tanner, the twins started crying a lot making shooting impossible which forced the producers to seek replacements.

A new set of twins was brought in, but they also cried a lot and failed to fit in, forcing them to rehire the Olsen twins and just learn to work with them. The twins later got used to the drill and made the perfect Michelle. They had to be switched to abide by labour laws which didn’t allow underage actors to work longer than 20 minutes, so the twins were switched to get a total of 40 minutes of Michelle in each episode.

They Had The Best Reason For Missing Prom

When you become a celebrity before you are a year old and a millionaire before 10, you don’t expect to enjoy everything other kids enjoy. For the Olsen twins, Prom was that thing. They had the chance of hosting Saturday Night Live (SNL) in December 2004 on the same day as their high school Prom night.

Hosting SNL would allow them to market their new film New York Minute Which they hoped would be a major hit. They chose to miss the lifetime opportunity and attend Prom on SNL with the host’s Will Forte and Jimmy Fallon acting as their dates. It wasn’t so great, though since Ashley later said that she wished she had a normal childhood.

College: Well That Didn’t Go So Well

Both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen dropped out of college after joining NYU but not because they couldn’t afford it. Their college days could easily be called an expensive disaster that started with purchasing a $7 million penthouse which the twins were meant to share while attending classes, but they never used it. Mary-Kate’s university days started with lots of trouble as she struggled with substance abuse, lots of scandals in public, and then her break-up with Stavros Niarchos III who dumped her for her best friend, Paris Hilton. Ashley also had her fair share of college chaos, but she managed to keep things cool for some time before dropping out one year before her graduation to join her sister who had gone back to LA to pursue their career as fashion designers.

They Were Credited As The Same Person In Full House

Full House was a great success partly because of the Olsen Twins’ perfect performance. The producers also did a good job of making them look identical, which is why many fans still find it hard to tell Mary-Kate and Ashley apart. However, for the fans to retain their love for Michelle, she had to be one person and not twins which is why the credits went to Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen.

The producers were keen on convincing everyone that the role was played by one person. When the twins started shedding their teeth, which unfortunately didn’t come at the same time, they were forced to wear false teeth to keep up the pretence.

They Aren’t Friends With PETA

Mary-Kate and Ashley shared the CFDA award for the best Womenswear Designers of the year 2012. Their high-end fashion line The Row remains one of the best-performing celebrity businesses in the world. The twins, however, have a habit of designing products using animal products which have made them enemies with PETA over the years. One such dwell came in 2012 when the twins released their $17,000 fur backpack which PETA said looked like a troll and called it a Trollsen. The organization went ahead to condemn the twins and still considers them non-animal-friendly celebrities.

Youngest Directors In American History

Dualstar Entertainment was launched in 1993 producing the film Double, Double Toil, And trouble featuring the twins. The company had the twins as the owners and directors, and they were only six years old. The two sisters said they always looked at themselves more like businesswomen than actresses and that their work ethic was great even at that young age.

At that age, Ashley confessed that she couldn’t see beyond the table, which explains how hard it was to be America’s youngest directors. It is hard to imagine how they controlled the boardrooms, but it is obvious they had control of the stage. Their work ethic and talent were incredible since their films had a lot to do with their becoming millionaires before 10.

They Don’t like publicity Anymore

It is hard to explain how decades of acting and influencing generations with a net worth of over $400 million doesn’t have social media accounts, but the Olsens don’t do social media. The Olsen twins grew up in the limelight, and according to Ashley, it robbed them of the normal childhood they needed. It, however, allowed them to get rich at a young age, and when they finally made it big into the fashion industry, they no longer needed the publicity.

They both decided to concentrate on The Row and leave acting. Since they left the industry, the two prefer to stay away from the cameras and only appear through occasional paparazzi photos. They are still some of the most famous celebrities in the world because three decades of showbiz can’t be wiped away that easily.

They Are Strangers To Online Shopping

It turns out; social media is not the only thing the twins are strangers to. It is not clear how 33-Year-Olds living in the 21st century have never bought anything online, but Ashley confessed that she has never shopped for anything online.

Mary-Kate’s only online shopping experience is said to have been purchasing something in an online auction which may have been something very valuable. They are not opposed to online shopping though since their brand sells online. Their love for conservative shopping where you have to deal with attendants face to face sounds fancy though, and probably the only social interaction they have in their very private lives.

Mary-Kate’s Struggles With Substance Abuse

The Early 2000s were hard for the Olsen twins as they had to deal with so much, but Mary-Kate was the worst affected. She had a negative self-image and made up for it by chain-smoking and doing cocaine. She also struggled with an eating disorder which affected her image leading to the dropping of their image in the Got-Milk ads in 2004.

Rumours about the twins’ substance abuse problems caused a stir just before they reached legal age, but they denied it in interviews. Mary-Kate, however, had to check into the Malibu Place rehab to seek professional help. It is not clear if Ashley needed the same help as well, but she sued the National Enquirer for $40 million in 2005 when they associated her with a drug scandal, and the magazine had to apologize.

Their Rough Love Lives

Growing up as a celebrity is a huge burden as everyone expects you to turn out perfect, which is why the Olsen twins’ love lives have been followed so closely. Mary-Kate made the latest news in April 2020 when she applied for a divorce from her husband, Oliver Sarkozy. The twins had made news earlier when they both dated men over 15 years their seniors.

Mary-Kate and Ashley are no strangers to heart-breaks though since they have both have many relationships that fell apart, some within days. Ashley has kept most of her relationships private, but she is rumoured to be in a relationship with the artist Louis Eisner. However, compared to their acting careers, their love lives haven’t been smooth.

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