Ten Amazing Things All Made by Stacking Something

There is one thing I will admit I can’t do and that is stacking cards. Like the “house of cards” often seen on many a coffee table of someone with far too much time on their very steady hands. But there are some people out there that take this art of stacking things to a whole new level…



Stacked Coins Made in Art
Stacked Coins Made in Art

10 – Coins

While not the most amazing piece of art you will ever see this large stack of coins is an art form that we could all have a go at making and if you stack them on top of something you could move it around the house and make use it as a vase!

Stacked Cans Made in Art

9 – Tins of food

Those who have been reading my blog for a while will remember that this is from the amazing charity event called “Canstruction” and you can read all about this art for made up of stacked tins of food in my post here>> “Top 10 Canstruction Designs

Stacked Cars Made into Art

8 – Cars

If you think your Town or City has a problem with car parking you need to see what they have to deal with over in China! So this amazing artwork made by Gu Yuan and Sun Yeli is one way to get around the lack of space cars suffer from each and every day.

Stacked Rocks Made into Art

7 – Rocks

Call it rock stacking or rock balancing this amazing art form is something for everyone to get into and it doesn’t matter what type of rocks or stones you use as they all look amazing!

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Stacked Dog Biscuits Made into Art

6 – Dog Biscuits

It doesn’t what way I look at this I think it is kind of cruel, but that being said, if there is even a half truth about this image then the dog is trained to perfection, which makes it kind of cool.

Stacked Bicycles Made into Art

5 – Bicycles

This is not some sort of silly eye test, this is what 1,200 bicycles stacked 100 feet high looks like! And we have the very talented artist “Ai Weiwei” to thank for it. Simply Amazing.

Stacked Skulls and Bones Made into Art

4 – Skulls and Bones

When it comes to the top 10 things to see in Paris this might not make 99% of people lists, but it really should! The Catacombs of Paris (carrières de Paris) is said to be the bones of over 6 million people! I have no idea if that many is true, but it is amazing either way!

Stacked Playing Cards Made into Art

3 – Playing Cards

Some of us (not me) have the skills to build the classic styled “House of Cards” and there are some people (not many) that can build an entire cityscape in playing cards, This is where Bryan Berg comes into it, because he really is the Worlds greatest card stacker!

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Stacked Wood Block Made into Art

2 – Wood Block Storage

For those that still prefer a classic wood burner rather than central heating, this art form made up from wood blocks might well be the thing to past some very serious time.

Stacked Scratch Cards Made in Art

1 –  Scratch Cards

Have you ever bought a scratch card, lost (as always) and thrown the losing ticket away? Well behind you might have been Jean Shin picking them out of the bin to make this amazing art piece called “Chance City” and it really is a chance in a million that didn’t fall down!

Author: Gus Barge

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