Ten Things That Every eSports Bettor Should be Aware of

Ten Things That Every eSports Bettor Should be Aware of
We can safely say that eSports is one of the hidden gems of every sportsbook. Sadly, most people have not discovered the potential of these computer games yet, which is why we would like to point out a few things that you have to know if you haven’t started betting on eSports yet.


Esports is a combination of multiple games

The first thing that you should know before you start betting is that the term eSports is a combination of multiple computer and mobile games. There are many titles that can be considered as “eSports”, but not all of them are available on most betting sites.

You may not have access to loads of eSports titles

Unless you pick a bookmaker from the official site of Silentbet, you probably won’t be able to wager on many different computer games because some sites only offer a few options. Luckily, there are eSports-exclusive gambling operators where you can find all sorts of different computer and mobile games.

You can avail yourself of multiple unique markets

One of the big reasons why some bettors prefer eSports is because of the markets. Each computer/mobile game is different, so you will have access to loads of markets.

The odds are usually great

Besides loads of markets, another thing that makes eSports a popular betting option is the odds. Despite the fact that bookies use a different formula to determine the odds of their sports events, the ones for eSports are significantly higher than everything else.

Shooters are the best types of eSports for beginners

If you are wondering what kind of computer/mobile game you want to bet on, pick a shooter. They are easier to understand and usually have desirable markets.

Ten Things That Every eSports Bettor Should be Aware of

MOBAs are more challenging to predict than other eSports

Even though every eSports is complicated, those that fall into the MOBA genre are way more difficult than others. That’s why it is not recommended to bet on games like League of Legends and Dota 2 unless you have a lot of experience.

Esports are way more difficult to predict than any regular sport

Every sport is difficult to predict because you never be sure what will happen. However, some computer games are really fast-paced, so things can change in just a matter of seconds.

Be careful if you place a bet on a tier-two tournament

Regardless of which eSport title you go for, you should be careful if you want to wager on a “tier-two” event. Besides the fact the matches are difficult to predict, you may have to deal with match-fixing, which is a big issue in lower-tier eSports competitions.

Learn more information about the current game patch

Every eSport game has different patches, some of which introduce new items, heroes, and overall meta changes. So, if you want to know the latest changes regarding the game you bet on, make sure you read the specific game patch.

The schedule of most upcoming events

The last thing that you should check before you start betting on eSports is the schedule for the upcoming events. Many websites will provide you with this kind of information, so don’t worry.

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