Top 10 Recipes For Edible Christmas Crackers

If there is one thing I enjoy at Christmas it is Christmas crackers, this mostly UK bound celebration is enjoyed by families all over the UK and not just on Christmas day. But these ten crackers you are about to see are not for pulling, they are for the eating…



Filo & Chicken Christmas Crackers
Filo & Chicken Christmas Crackers

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This quick and easy to follow recipe would make some perfect little lunchtime snacks for the big festive day.

Turkey and Pork Christmas Crackers

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These tasty crackers would go down rather nicely with a nice glass of mulled cider

Vegetarian Christmas Crackers

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Filled with flavoursome wild mushrooms, these crackers are not going to be on the table very long at all.

Christmas Pudding Christmas Crackers

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Not only amazing to look at, but you can also dip them into the mouth-watering mascarpone rum cream that comes with it.

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Chestnut and Goat’s Cheese Christmas Crackers

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Full of some very festive flavours comes this vegetarian-friendly recipe you will want to pull open time and time again.

Mincemeat Christmas Crackers

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These are of course the same mincemeat as in the sweet little pastry pies, definitely nothing anything meat related.

Cookie Christmas Crackers

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The good news is you can buy the ones you see above and get any message you want on them, but you could also get a cracker cookie cutter and make your own.

Chicken tarragon Christmas crackers

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Chicken tarragon is not normally something you would associate with crackers, but these would be just as welcome as the real ti

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Filo Pastry Wrapped Christmas Crackers

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These little savoury crackers will go down a storm just before the main Christmas dinner, so why not make lots and let everyone have one each.

Marzipan Christmas Crackers

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Last but not least we get some marzipan crackers to pull apart. These are one cracker you won’t need anyone else to pull with you.

Author: Gus Barge

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