Top 10 Amazing Recipes for Stuffing Your Whole Family Will Love

To make your Christmas meal go a little better this year I have gone out of my way to find ten of the world’s very best recipes for Christmas stuffing. These are the types of stuffing recipes that Christmas dinner legends are made of…



Crispy Traybake Stuffing
Crispy Traybake Stuffing

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Because each member of the family likes their stuffing to be a particular kind, maybe it would be prudent to make more than one of these recipes.

Sausage & Bramley Stuffing

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Bacon wrapped stuffing sounds like the stuff of festive dreams, so make a bacon lovers dream come true and serve this stuffing out this Christmas.

Hazelnut, Pancetta & Orange Stuffing

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This tangy recipe might go better if you are having duck for Christmas, but I’m sure a good wine would sweeten it up a bit.

Triple Nut & Apple Stuffing Balls

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This crunchy style vegetarian stuffing would be a good little side dish for those who like their dinners a little less meat heavy.

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Chestnut, Bacon & Cranberry Stuffing

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I just don’t think it would be possible to stuff anymore Christmases into this recipes. Maybe some tinsel on top might be going too far.

Chestnut Stuffing Roll

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This stuffing roll is a festive meal all on its own, let alone with a turkey on top of it.

Mushroom Rice Stuffing

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This autumnal recipe has it all going for itself. It’s vegetarian-friendly, crunchy and is quick and easy to make. Perfect for that last minute alternative stuffing.

Rustic Chestnut Stuffing

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A good tip for cooking stuffing is to make 2 lots. One to go inside the turkey and get filled with all the flavours, then one on its own for people who like their stuffing a little dryer.

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Bread Sauce Stuffing

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If there is one thing I insist on having at Christmas it is bread sauce. It always goes well with chicken or turkey and in stuffing form would be the perfect meal extra.

Lemon & Herb Stuffing

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This zesty recipe might not be for everyone’s plate, but sometimes it is nice to try something new. Then if no one wants it, it will make a good sandwich filler.

Author: Gus Barge

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