Ten Amazing Examples of Easter Art by Various Artists

When it comes to Art at Easter time there is plenty to choose from. From fun stuff like my post “Top 10 Nerdy Painted Easter Eggs” to the artwork on a Fabergé egg. But I have decided to go in the middle this year. This post features the top 10 very best Easter and egg-related art installations from around the world, and some of them are nothing short of being unbelievable…



Top 10 Amazing Examples of Easter Art
Tank made from Egg Boxes

10 – London, UK

OK, some will say I cheated a little bit here because the egg boxes are not full, so the egg/Easter link doesn’t exist. But I still love it, and anyone who tries to raise money for charity by making a life-size replica of a Challenger II tank out of 5,016 egg cartons deserves some credit. And it is egg related art after all!

Top 10 Amazing Examples of Easter Art
London’s Easter Egg Hunt

9 – London, UK

The Lindt Big Egg Hunt was seen all around London and featured more than 100 giant, colourful Easter eggs. While it is long gone now the people who managed to find all of them won a year’s supply of Lindt chocolate! Now, this is a prize worth having.

Top 10 Amazing Examples of Easter Art
Art project called “Art Eggcident”

8 – Zaailand, Netherlands

Done by Dutch artist Henk Hofstra his environmental art project called “Art Eggcident” is simply large eggs placed throughout a city square in the Netherlands. It is believed that it can also be seen on Google satellite maps it is that big. But I couldn’t find it.

Top 10 Amazing Examples of Easter Art
Sofa made of eggs

7 – Milan, Italy

Many websites say that this was a real sofa, but that is simply not true, it was nothing more than a very clever advert advertising Sony’s Satellite TV channel. But when it comes to egg-related art images (even if they are digital art) this one is a good one!

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Top 10 Amazing Examples of Easter Art
Imperial Faberge Egg

6 – World Wide

No egg art top 10 could be without something the Faberge range and these Imperial ones are simply stunning. Often given as Easter gifts for the rich and famous of their time they are more than often as individual as the stories behind them.

Top 10 Amazing Examples of Easter Art
City made from eggs

5 – Groninger Museum, Netherlands

This amazing city made of nothing but eggs is an incredible feat of art no matter what way you look at it! Seen at the Groninger Museum, Netherlands it was made using over five thousand eggs and the map work is made with the help of chicken and quail eggs for colour. I also suspect that the same artist did this as my number 3 as well.

Top 10 Amazing Examples of Easter Art
Decorative Easter garden tree

4 – Saalfeld, Germany

This is the art style of “Ostereier Baums” and my post “Top 10 Best Easter Trees” shows the very best of them. I am sure that on its own, these little-painted arts look amazing, but when there is almost 10,000 of them the results are incredible.

Top 10 Amazing Examples of Easter Art
RMB 50 dollar bill made from eggs

3 – Mainland China

Now I have searched and searched for more information about this amazing art installation made from nothing but real eggs, but I keep going back to a blog saying that it was done by egg stacking, but this is simply not true, so who knows. What I do know is it’s amazing!

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Top 10 Amazing Examples of Easter Art
Sculpture made of painted Easter eggs

2 –  Kiev, Ukraine.

This beautiful sphere shaped sculpture made from a mind-blowing 3000 wooden Easter eggs was created by Ukrainian artist Oksana Mas and all the eggs are painted in traditional Ukrainian style as well. This is the best kind of art, art for the people, made by the people.

Top 10 Amazing Examples of Easter Art
Art installation: Post-vs-Proto-Renaissance – made of coloured Easter eggs

1 – Ukraine

This is the same artist as my number 2 as well, mostly because she makes what is probably the worlds most incredible Easter art made from eggs, and this one is made from a mind-blowing 3,640,000 painted wooden eggs! For that very reason, it makes number because the amount of work involved must have been incredible.

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