Top 10 Best Drinks to Make With Oreos

Top 10 Best Drinks to Make With Oreos
Top 10 Best Drinks to Make With Oreos

As cookies, they taste like nothing else on Earth, but these are ten of the world’s best Oreo drinks recipes and they need to taste just as good. From kid’s special, tasty treats to healthy drink and even some adult blended alcoholic drinks Oreo can make them all. So let’s get crushing those cookies because it’s down the hatch with ten of the best…


Top 10 Best Drinks to Make With Oreos


Top 10 Best Drinks to Make With Oreos
Vanilla Vodka Oreo Shake Step

10 – Vodka Shakeup

This is the first of quite a few blended alcoholic drinks to serve, up. But most of them so make multiple servings making them perfect for the party atmosphere. With vanilla vodka, chocolate syrup, milk and even some vanilla ice cream this is a luxury milkshake for us adults only.

Top 10 Best Drinks to Make With Oreos
Skinny Oreo Shake

9 – Skinny Cookies

Milkshakes are perfect for summertime, but I like them anytime! Well, apparently this has the “robust flavour” of the full-fat shake but almost half the calories! It looks like a very delicious drink, let’s hope it tastes the same.

Cookies 'N Creamtini
Cookies ‘N Creamtini

8 – Shaken not eaten

Even the name “Cookies ‘N Creamtini” sound amazing, let alone the list of ingredients that go into making them. Milk, Whipped Vodka, Chocolate Syrup, Crushed Oreo Crumbs and even more whipped cream, then a little mini Oreo to finish it off! Down the hatch I say.

Top 10 Best Drinks to Make With Oreos
Arby’s Jamocha Oreo Shake

7 – Take-away Mocha

Here in the UK, we are not going to get a chance to try this amazing looking drink because it is made by the Arby’s Restaurant company. They have over 3,400 restaurants but sadly all of them in the United States. But to let you know what you are missing out on its a 630 calorie blend of chocolate, coffee and Oreo cookies and topped with a chocolate swirl and Oreo cookie crumbles! Oh my, I need to move to America.

Top 10 Best Drinks to Make With Oreos
Thin Mint-Oreo Bailey’s Irish Cream Milkshake

6 – Irish Shakes

To make a “thin” milkshake you need to turn the blender on low at first and then build up speed, adding milk as you need to thin it out. With vanilla ice cream, Bailey’s Mint Irish Cream and some Double Stuffed Oreos “Thin” are the last thing you are going to be after a few of these!

Top 10 Best Drinks to Make With Oreos
St. Patrick’s Day Mint Oreo Hot Chocolate

5 – Luck of the Irish

This delicious looking drink containing Mint, chocolate and Oreos is one of my all time favourite combinations. Made for St. Patricks Day it contains Mint Oreo’s, Marshmallows and heavy whipping cream to name just a few of the fantastic list of ingredients and all measurements make about 3 mugs of hot chocolate, so why not invite some friends round and celebrate St. Patricks Day together. (And no you don;t have to be Irish to celebrate it.)

Top 10 Best Drinks to Make With Oreos
The Dirty Snowball

4 – The Minty Holiday Cocktail

Most people normally have Oreos and milk, but I think sipping one of these dirty snowballs would be much better. Made with Crème de Menthe, Crème de Cacaom, fresh cream and some crushed Oreos it looks like a cocktail dream.

Top 10 Best Drinks to Make With Oreos
Raspberry Oreo Milkshake

3 – Fruit Loop

Sometimes you need to combine the healthy with the unhealthy to create something so amazing that nobody cares if it’s healthy or not! Made with fresh raspberries, ice cream and of course Oreos it’s a thick and creamy milkshake that would make any hot Summer melt away.

Top 10 Best Drinks to Make With Oreos
Oreo Cookie Monster Cocktail Drink


Looks like it is time for a drink down Sesame Street! This alcoholic cocktail is very much the same as the recipe we saw in number 10, loaded with the same booze it might be a kids favourite, but this drinks for adults only.

Top 10 Best Drinks to Make With Oreos
Oreo Ice Cream Cocoa

1 – Hot Cookies

When it is cold and rainy outside what better way to warm up than with a nice hot cup of coco. But they always send me to sleep, so maybe I need to ramp it up a little bit and make one of these ones. With a strong list of decadent ingredients, warm drinks might never be the same again!

Which one did you like?

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