10 Alcohol Drinking Competitions That Went Horribly Wrong

10 Alcohol Drinking Competitions That Went Horribly Wrong

Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health and nowhere should this advice be repeated than during drinking games. Drinking games are a great way to get people to enjoy parties but people end up consuming more alcohol than their systems can withstand. From Neknominate which became an internet craze a while back to simple ‘never have I ever,’ at parties that went horribly wrong, drinking games have been proved to be akin to toying with death over the years. The goal is to drink as much alcohol as you can in the shortest time possible without losing it. That style of drinking cause a spike in the blood alcohol content which can cause death. Here is a look at simple drinking challenges that didn’t go so well.

The Deadly Neknomination In Cardiff

Facebook was forced to take down Neknominate pages between 2014 and 2016 after the internet craze led to multiple deaths among young people. Neknominate which involved someone doing something crazy while “Necking” alcohol saw many people hospitalized with more than 10 found dead around the world. 29-Year-Old Stephen Brookes of Rumney, Cardiff was part of the challenge in which he was convinced to drink a pint of Vodka. It didn’t go well though as he was found dead in his apartment.

56 Shots At 56

In a bar in France, the record number of shots ever consumed at the premises was displayed on a dashboard. In October 2014, 56-Year-Old Renaud Prudhomme walked into the bar and decided to beat the record by drinking shots equal to his age. The bartender served the shots but the poor man didn’t make it after setting the record. The bartender was later given four months suspended sentence in court for manslaughter. Displaying record shots in a bar is definitely a dangerous way of encouraging people to drink.

$1,000 Bet For 50 Shots Of Tequila Ends In The ICU

Self-proclaimed professional drinker Michael Gonzalez was no stranger to downing lots of shots but even for him, 50 shots of tequila downed in under two minutes was too much. In 2019 while seated at the Fiesta Martin Grill in Inglewood, California, Gonzalez was told to drink 50 shots of Tequila by his friend Esaul and get $1,000 afterwards. The event caught on video shows Gonzalez passing out right there in front of everyone. He said he woke up in the ICU where he spent the next week under treatment for alcohol poisoning.

The Drink And Jump Challenge

Ireland was one of the countries worst affected by the Neknominate challenge in 2014 causing Facebook to pull down accounts and pages that participated in the challenge. On the first weekend of February 2014, two people died including a 19-year-old teenager named John Byrne. Byrne accepted a challenge from a friend to drink alcohol and then jump into a river. Jumping into fast-moving water while drunk is suicide and Byrne’s body wasn’t discovered until after the weekend after washing up under a bridge.

50 Shots Of Tequila For $330

Three contestants were picked to participate in the challenge at a Lounge in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Ricardo Ivan Garcia was the winner of the contest after downing more than 50 shots ahead of the two other contestants. The worst came shortly after he won the contest as his heart stopped because of alcohol poisoning. The other contestants also had to be hospitalized after suffering alcohol poisoning.

The Spanish Beer Drinking King

Binge drinking competitions are common all over Europe despite harsh government regulations against such events. In the municipality of Murcia, a contest in 2013 required contestants to drink as many 1-litre glasses of beer as they could within 20 minutes. Joaquin Alcaraz Garcia was crowned the ‘King of the contest’ after downing six liters of beer. He started vomiting continuously before he started snoring causing those present to assume that he was sleeping. He died of cardiac arrest a short while later.

25 Vodka Shots In 60 Seconds

This was definitely a death sentence but students are known for doing stupid things and that is what students at the Julio de Mesquita university in Brazil did in 2015. The event which was recorded on camera saw students down more alcohol than any human system can sustain. One of them collapsed immediately and die while six more were rushed to the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

The Fatal Four Hour Rugby Initiation Drinking Game

End of season games are the most important for any university team and the case wasn’t any different for the Gloucestershire University rugby team in May 2019. The university had a tradition of initiating first and second-year students through a drinking game which proved fatal for one of them. Sam Potter, a 19 year old player drank more than he could handle and was found dead the following day in his apartment by teammates. He had suffered from alcohol poisoning after leaving the party, and with no one to help him, succumbed in his sleep.

Beer Pong With Hard Liquor End Tragically

Teenagers are at a higher risk of suffering adverse effects when they play drinking games because most of them are rooky drinkers who don’t know the amount of alcohol their bodies can handle. That said, beer pong isn’t that dangerous because it is a group of people drinking cups of beer. However, if hard liquor is used instead of beer, then that game becomes deadly like it did in this case. It happened in 2016 when 18-Year-old Brady Grattan of Fredericton, Canada drank too much liquor in beer pong and had to be taken to the ICU after just two hours of drinking. Unfortunately, his heart gave up and he succumbed.

Beer Drinking Contest Gone Wrong In Thailand

In 2019, a video emerged online after a man died during a beer-drinking contest with colleagues. The workers were in a line on a stage contesting to drink a 1-litre glass of beer in the shortest time possible. One litre doesn’t sound like much, but after everyone gulped down their beers, one man collapsed face down immediately and died moments later. It wasn’t clear why he died after drinking what didn’t seem like too much.

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