Ten of The Craziest Ideas About Treating A Hangover Ever Proposed

Ten of The Craziest Ideas About Treating A Hangover Ever Proposed

Nothing ruins your morning like a splitting headache and a feeling of being sick all over. A hangover is the one thing that no one seems to have a perfect cure for. Many say that it is nature’s way of punishing you for drinking a little too much whose only cure is time and rest. Other people have suggested a range of drinks and meals to try in the morning to allegedly do away with the annoying condition but most of them don’t work. Everyone seems to get their own cure for a hangover in the end but the internet is not short of outright ridiculous suggestions on how to eat, drink or sniff your hangover away. You have to be cautious with some of these methods because they may replace your hangover with something worse.

Rub Lemons On Your Armpits

Turns out your armpits are just the reason why you get hangovers after drinking, or so some people in Puerto Rico and other Central American countries think. It is totally impossible, but it allegedly works. They rub lemons or lime on their armpits and their drinking hand (whichever that one is) before they go drinking. Allegedly, that ‘simple’ rub will keep you safe from the headache the following morning.

Sniffing Gasoline Fumes

When drinking lots of water and other sugary drinks don’t seem to treat your hangover, someone suggested that sniffing gasoline may help. The suggestion is obviously ridiculous and dangerous and there is no medical proof that the smell of gasoline will help. You could actually get addicted to gasoline fumes apart from their harmful effects on your lungs which would be worse than a few hours of a hangover.

Chew Hot Chilies

Spicy food has long been suggested as the best cure for hangovers and one with lots of hot peppers is suggested to do the trick. In Kenya, after a night of drinking, some people chew down on the hottest chillies they can lay their hands on. It is believed that the strong punch from the chillies neutralize the effects of the night of drinking and chase away the headache. There is no proof that this works either because there is no relationship between hot chillies and reversing the impacts of alcohol in your system.

Swimming In Cold Water

Taking a cold swim even without drinking is hard enough for many people which is why the idea of swimming on a hangover body is so chilling. Anyways, some people on BuzzFeed suggested that their perfect solution is a cold shower or better still, a swim in ice-cold water. The colder it is, the faster your headache goes away. Apparently, it doesn’t hurt so much after floating in the cold water for a couple of minutes.

Chow Down On A Bull’s Penis

Bull’s penises have been rumoured as a cure for lots of things from low sex drive in men to low sperm count. Ancient Sicilians believed that chowing down on a dried bull’s penis could also cure a hangover. The practice has been abandoned by many but some still practice it although there is no proof that it actually works.

Raw Eggs

This is a remedy that seems to be suggested worldwide as the ultimate solution for hangovers even in the US. The most common option is gulping down on a raw egg which is rather disgusting for some but it allegedly works. The other option is beating a raw egg into the soup and slurping on it with shots of vodka or vinegar. You can also try egg drop soup with lemonade if you want to do away with the alcohol breath. The disgusting taste of a raw egg is probably a small price to pay to do away with a whole day of headache.

Drink A Little More Alcohol

This myth allegedly originated from Scandinavian countries where they have a saying that if you want to treat a dog bite, you should have another dog bite that spot. The dog bite part definitely doesn’t work but the hangover one seems to work because lots of people try it. The problem is that drinking more alcohol to treat a hangover only lengthens the time it takes for your body to heal from a long night of partying and drinking. You may also end up drinking more alcohol than you intended resulting in a recurring hangover which is harmful to your health in the end.

Pickled Sheep’s Eye

Off to Mongolia where a whole night of drinking, wrestling and dancing is nothing strange. Hangovers are to be expected after such a night and the Mongolian version of hangover medicine is just the most stomach-churning of them all. They take two sheep’s eyeballs pickled in tomato juice or whatever drink they prefer that morning and gulp it down. There is no medical evidence that it works but then it is scary enough in itself.

Inhale Menthol And Mint

Just like the idea of chewing on hot chillies, some people believe that the strong punch emitted by menthol and mint can neutralize the effects of overdrinking. With menthol and mint, you don’t have to chew though. Allegedly, all you need to do is cover yourself in a blanket with a container emitting these fumes for a few minutes and then get out all healed up. It may or may not work, but better make sure you get out of the blanket before you pass out.

Go For A Jog

After a long night of drinking your head off, exercise is the one thing you don’t want to wake up to. It will be a miracle for some if they manage a few meters of jogging or a couple of push-ups in the gym. Your body is just tired and sick and all you want is a calm place to sleep some more and you feel like never waking up. However, some people of Reddit suggested that waking up to their morning jog or hitting the gym clears their mind and restores them to perfect health.

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