Ten Great Tips to Teach You How to Light a Cigar Properly

Ten Great Tips to Teach You How to Light a Cigar Properly
Ten Great Tips to Teach You How to Light a Cigar Properly

Many people love smoking cigars. Lighting a cigar is considered to be very tricky even by those people who are accustomed to smoking it. This is attributed to their large size and the way they are wrapped tightly than regular cigars. Smokers are required to put extra effort when lighting them. This post is going to guide you on how to light cigars easily and swiftly.

Cigar lighters are used to light them. There are different types of cigar lighters on the market that you can choose from. Avid cigar smokers should use the best lighters. Ideally, they should choose a product that delivers quality, value, and reliability.

Such products have high expected lifespans and warranties also back them. You can select the best product by reading detailed customers’ reviews and doing your research. The following are the top rated cigar lighters for 2018 that every cigar smoker should consider:


Ten Great Tips to Teach You How to Light a Cigar Properly



Choosing the Best Cigar

These products come in different sizes. New smokers are advised to choose the small cigars. As a smoker, you should select a product that you enjoy smoking. Check if it has an appealing smell. In addition to this, you should check if it has tears or gaps on the wrapper. You should avoid cigars which are flakey, mottled or spotted. Again, the product chosen should not crumble in the smoker’s hand.

How to Light a Cigar Properly

Light It Using an Odourless Flame

Avoid using lighters that produce odours as this overwhelm the cigar’s taste. It means that you should avoid using candles and petrol lighters. Instead, you should use butane lighters, torch lighters, or wooden matches.

Light your butane lighter or match. Smokers who are using matches should allow the matches’ heads to burn out completely before using them. It is done to eliminate the sulfur taste. Then hold the product that you want to light in your hand. Alternatively, you can hold it with your pointer finger and thumb.

Sometimes you might need more than one match to light your product. Again, you should consider the distance between your face and angle your product, you should hold it at an angle of 45 degrees. It is the best way of preparing your product for lighting.

Avoid holding it directly into its flame. It should then be gently rotated when toasting. The cigars foot is toasted to dry out its tobacco leaves. Such leaves can lit easily. You should Toast the cigar up to when its tips start smouldering.

How to Light a Cigar Properly

Place Your Product in the Mouth When It Begins Smouldering

The cigar will begin smoking after toasting it for some minutes. You should place it in between the lips once it is ready for lighting.

How to Light a Cigar Properly

Taking Short Puffs

Use the unlit end to take short puffs. It should be held gently close to its flame. The flame will then be drawn into the cigar. Smokers are advised to hold their cigars just above the flame and not into the flame. It should be placed in the mouth but with extreme care not to wet it with too much saliva. Lighting should be done evenly.

The steps outlined above can help you in lighting your cigar for you to enjoy your favourite product. You can use the recommended lighters that have been mentioned. The product should be gently rotated for it to burn evenly.

You should also relight your product as needed. In most cases, the cigar will go out near its end. When this happens, you should relight it by moving it closer to the lighter or match. Finally, the cigar is put out by leaving it on the ashtray. It is supposed to go out naturally.

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How to Light a Cigar Properly

Give Your Cigar a Little Massage!

If your cigar is rolled too tight it helps to give it a little squeeze as if massaging a small baby. Gently pinch, squeeze and finger roll it a few times and that should loosen up even the tightest of cigars.

How to Light a Cigar Properly

Keep It Going With Quick Draws!

The last thing you want is for your cigar to go out so taking a few quick puffs will keep it going even when it is seemingly gone out!

How to Light a Cigar Properly

Keep Your Cigars Dry…but Not Too Dry!

While its just a number try to keep the humidity of your cigar to rounds about 65% RH. This will make sure it is not too dry nor too moist.

How to Light a Cigar Properly

Hold It in Your Hand for a Short While

This method will not only make removing the band a lot easier, but it can also loosen the cigar up if you massage it at the same time!

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How to Light a Cigar Properly

While Smoking Your Cigar, Keep Rolling It!

This method of rolling it makes sure it stays lit all around right until the end. But when you get to the last few inches stop rolling as is can make then end part to hold to hold.

How to Light a Cigar Properly

Why Not Leave the Band on!

While this sounds counterintuitive some pro-cigar smokers will leave the band on as a sort of tribute to the maker of them. It saves the hassle of tearing the leaf and also saves time preparing the cigar in the first place.

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