Top 10 Casino Secrets: Craps Player Tips

Top 10 Casino Secrets: Craps Player Tips
Top 10 Casino Secrets: Craps Player Tips

Craps is a game that has been played since the 1700s and is the art of rolling dice. We could go into the many throwing tactics here that are often easy to spot and banned by the casinos, so instead, I will be looking at some golden bits of dice throwing advice…



10 – Throw 50

Write down your total budget of what you want to spend, divided it by 50 then never go over that amount. 50 rolls of the dice will be a great night out, it will last ages and even if you lose you would have been enjoying the fun of others winning. Don’t treat it like a gamble, treat it like a social event and go there to have fun.

9 – Do Pass Come

Go for the outside bets like Don’t Pass and Don’t Come because they are the most likely to come up. While a little safe, they will make sure your money lasts the longest time possible.

8 – Number Runs

If you have the budget per throw consider placing edge bets on a run of numbers so 6, 7 & 8. or maybe 3,4,5. Placed edge side you can get all 3 numbers in 2 bets meaning you greatly increase your odds of winning while paying less out if you lose.

7 – Stay With It

I know this tip comes up for every type of gambling, but it really is a good one. Don’t get drunk or do drugs while gambling at craps either online or in a casino. Even getting a little tipsy can lead to you making silly mistakes and increasing the chances of you spending over your budget.

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6 – Understand The Rules

Craps is a very difficult game to fully understand and while it is OK to stick to Don’t Pass bets it is also best to fully understand the full rules of the game.

5 – Never Double Up

This can be said for any sort of gambling, but it is especially true when it comes to craps. Just bet the amount you worked out at the start from your total budget, There is no point doubling up to catch your losses, they are gone. Just bet a single bet gain and remember to stop when the fun is over.

4 – 10% Out

If you are on a winning streak consider cashing out and playing something else (or going home) if you win just 10% over your starting budget. While this might not the biggest winner if you started with a £100 budget that extra £10 is a nice drink and something to eat on the way home. Then you will wake up have never spent a penny.

3 – Know The Rules

You might not realise this, but there are several types of craps tables and styles of game. From open, high-point and New York craps to name just a few of the game variations. Know what you are sitting down to play before you play it.

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2 – No Downers

Don’t stay on a craps table if you are losing. This will be a downer for other people as well as yourself. And in the same tip don’t stay at a table where other people are loosing and you are winning. This can often lead to bad feelings at the table and the sole purpose is to have fun and be in a relaxed environment. Sometimes a change can do wonders for your game and state of mind.

1 – Keep It Genuine

When playing Craps make sure the online site you are playing on is safe, secure and genuine, but this tip also goes for real-world casinos. It’s easy to do all sorts of tricks to make the house win more, so make sure it is a reputational establishment, not some back street gamble hut.

Author: Gus Barge

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