Ten of the Very Best Blackjack Tips for Absolute Beginners

So you have just started playing Blackjack and want to know a few good tips that are useful both online and real-world games. These ten tips might be a little too simple for most Blackjack players to benefit from, but once you know the basics of playing Blackjack there is no stopping you becoming an expert in it. Sure, these tips won’t turn you into that expert, but they will give you the most basic knowledge and player tips you will need…


Blackjack Tips for Absolute Beginners
Blackjack Tips for Absolute Beginners

Never Buy Blackjack Insurance

This is just a cheap way to make even more money out of the player. Even if they haven’t you might still win the original bet back, but even if they have got Blackjack hiding you will only lose the original bet and you should never be betting that much in a single game that you can’t afford to lose in the first place.

Blackjack Tips for Absolute Beginners

Know When to Split

While any two of the same card can be split there are better odds of a win with certain cards. While others close to this range are OK the 2 best, in my opinion, are Aces and 8s

Blackjack Tips for Absolute Beginners

Know When to Stand

While some people say anything over 16 is worth standing on I suggest you stand when your hand is 12+ when the dealer has at least one 2 or a 6. This should (in theory anyway) give you the best odds of coming out on top.

Blackjack Tips for Absolute Beginners

Know When you Hit

While I did suggest you stand on anything 12 or over if the dealer has anything showing higher than a 7 I suggest you risk a single “hit” again. While this might seem like a risky move not hitting when the dealer has a 7 or over is even riskier.

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Blackjack Tips for Absolute Beginners

Play Slow, Learn Fast

Don’t jump into a new game a start betting large. You should try and gauge if the table is hot or cold. If the table is hot and you are having a good time up the betting amount by no more than 10% your first bet. That way, even if you stay and the table is cold you will last a fair while.

Blackjack Tips for Absolute Beginners

Don’t Play The “Systems”

Sorry to break this bad news to you, but there is no secret system of winning when it comes to Blackjack. If you are not playing the game to have some fun then stop playing. There is no money making system that will guarantee you a win, so don’t fall for the myths.

Blackjack Tips for Absolute Beginners

Set a Limit and Stick to it

I know, I know. You have probably heard this tip a thousand times before and will probably hear it a thousand times again. But its something that is important to keep the game of Blackjack just that! …a game! Make a limit on the amount of money you are willing to spend and stick to it. Even if you believe you will win big the next hand just walk away.

Blackjack Tips for Absolute Beginners

Stay Already, Know What is Happening

This is a tip that people think doesn’t apply if you are playing Blackjack online. But that is simply not true. Staying “compos mentis” even when playing online ensures you never gamble more than you can afford and you shouldn’t make silly mistakes.

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Blackjack Tips for Absolute Beginners

Know The Rules of The Game

If you think there is only one set of rules when it comes to Blackjack you are sadly wrong, especially when it comes to online play. Make sure you know what style you are playing and more importantly that you know the exact odds of winning. With online sites, there is often infinite decks of cards so the odds of winning can be significantly less.

Blackjack Tips for Absolute Beginners

Chat, Relax, Enjoy

The best way to enjoy Blackjack is with other players both in a real casino or online. Make sure there is group chat, or at the very least a chat board on the side of the screen. But when it comes to real-world tables the busier a table is, it will often mean you will have more fun playing on it. After all, if a real-world table is busy, or the online Blackjack chatrooms are full, it will usually mean they are paying out more than usual. And even if they are not the group atmosphere should make it fun, even if you are losing.

Author: Gus Barge

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  1. hi russel thanks for showing love to my blog. how did you get into black jack? I was born in the uk so I find your exploration of my birth country fascinating. God bless you heaps. please let me know if there is anything you would like me to blog about

      1. I used to play solitaire and Klondike on my p c and ipod. what card games do you play? I played old maid snap and a game called warlords and scumbags as well as poker ( for matchsticks not money)

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