Ten of the Strangest Phobias People Suffer From

You will not believe the things some people have a fear of. From chickens to some other odd things. But yet, for the people that suffer from them, these are very real fears and while we might laugh at this list, those people wouldn’t find it funny at all…


Slime (Blennophobia)
Slime (Blennophobia)

10 – Slime (Blennophobia)

It is not so much the fear of slime, but the fear of the texture of it, including passing out at the sight of an egg yoke!

String (Linonophobia)

9 – String (Linonophobia)

People use strings for all sorts of things, so for these people, I would imagine it can be difficult to avoid it all together.

Purple (Porphyrophobia)

8 – Purple (Porphyrophobia)

This phobia is fear of the colour purple which is a subclass of “chromophobia” which is a fear of colours. At least it is not a more common colour as that would be a much bigger nightmare to avoid.

Garlic (Alliumphobia)

7 – Garlic (Alliumphobia)

It doesn’t make you a vampire, but it does mean you have to read the ingredients in food very closely indeed.

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Fish (Ichthyophobia)

6 – Fish (Ichthyophobia)

Touching them, smelling them or even going near any water where they might people sends these people crazy. Not a good one to have if you live near the sea.

Egg Shells (Ovacrustaphobia)

5 – Egg Shells (Ovacrustaphobia)

The sound of them cracking, the texture of them or even the smallest bit of it in their food can send these people into pure panic.

Dolls (Pediophobia)

4 – Dolls (Pediophobia)

This is not just about dolls, but mannequins, dummies and even real children with makeup on! It is believed to be a type of automatonophobia or fear of humanoid figures.

Chins (Geniophobia)

3 – Chins (Geniophobia)

People have this fear because some people have prominent chins, like having double chins or long chins. It’s a phobia that makes people feel obsessed with other people’s chins, especially those with imperfect ones.

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Chickens (Alektorophobia)

2 – Chickens (Alektorophobia)

Believe it or not, this is not just the fear of the chicken itself, but also the fear of all things chicken related including eggs and coops!

Beards (Pogonophobia)

1 – Beards (Pogonophobia)

This fear comes about from mothers often warning their daughters to “never trust a man with a beard or facial hair unless he is Santa Claus”. But what about a bearded lady?!?

Author: Gus Barge

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