The Top 10 Cities to Visit in the UK

The Top 10 Cities to Visit in the UK

The UK is one of the most fascinating destinations for tourists worldwide. Hence, over the last few years, visits to the UK have increased rapidly.

As the UK is relatively small it’s advised to rent a car. What’s better, here we have made an article on top ten tips to survive a road trip, so you will have the best possible experience.

Let’s get started, here are the 10 best cities to visit in Britain:

1. London

London, the nation’s capital, is the first city anyone should visit in the UK. The city is home to the financial center, the Royal Family, and the UK’s government.

The city’s diversity can be seen in its galleries, museums, bustling streets, and cuisine from first-class restaurants. In the evening, there’s so much to do too. You can enjoy a play at the West End or try your luck at some of the most famous casinos in the country, such as Hippodrome.

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2. Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the famous capital of Scotland, is a city with two faces. The first is filled with trendy shops and eateries, while the second face is an Old historic town.

The city is nicknamed the “Athens of the North” because it is a city built on seven hills. A major attraction is Edinburgh Castle, which is one of the oldest in Europe.

3. Cambridge

Famous for its University, which has produced many Nobel prize winners, Cambridge is a charming city with pre-historic buildings.

One of the side attractions of visiting this famous city is the tour along the clean River Cam. The interesting part starts when the guide shows you different iconic architectural designs in the city.


4. York

Enjoy the scenery as you walk around the beautiful walled city of York. You’ll encounter numerous medieval and cobbled streets with houses built in the 14th and 15th centuries.

The city has numerous attractions like the best racecourse in the UK, museums, and exciting festivals.

5. Glasgow

Glasgow is famous for its positive vibes, creativity, beautiful architectural designs, art and friendly populace.

An evening walk around the city will help you discover beautiful murals on the city walls.

6. Bath

Situated in southwest England, Bath has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is famous for its Roman ruins.

You’ll find striking Victorian architecture, such as the Royal Crescent and Royal Circus. Moreover, in the evening, you are able to visit many quaint pubs some dating back to the 17th century.

7. Belfast

Although Belfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland, it is pretty small compared to other capitals in the UK.

Did you know that the Titanic was built in this city? Belfast has gained fame for its beautiful Victorian architecture, souvenirs, crafts, and art.

8. Liverpool

Known as the Beatles birthplace, Liverpool is famous for its lively bars, world-class eateries, fabulous boutiques, and Liverpool football club.

If you want to enjoy an exciting night out, Liverpool is the place to be.

9. Cardiff

9. Cardiff

Cardiff is a small city that has lots of offers in stock for visitors. You can also take scenic strolls, explore the River Taff’ and the stunning Bute Park.

The city center has lots of fun attractions. You can visit Cardiff Bay to have a view of the seat of the Welsh Government or go on a boat trip.

10. Manchester

Besides its elegant football stadiums, Manchester is famous for its rich industrial past.

A visit to Manchester will lead you to a vibrant destination where modern-day life and history go hand-in-hand.

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