Ten Tips To Help You Choose The Right Freight Forwarder

Choosing the right freight forwarder is a difficult task as there are so many to choose from. Each freight forwarding company has its own advantages and disadvantages as well as all the things you need to consider before choosing a company to go with. In this article, we offer ten pieces of advice from the experts in order to make sure you get the best company for you as well as the right kind of service from them… 

Ten Tips To Help You Choose The Right Freight Forwarder

Understanding the different types of freight forwarders

There are many freight forwarders to choose from, but there are different types of freight.

  • Airfreight
  • Overseas freight: This type will ship goods overseas by sea – not air mail – so it’s usually cheaper for heavier items 
  • Ocean freight: Shipments via ocean can take weeks longer than using air freight
  • Duties: freight shipments may have import or export duties
  • Import duty 
  • Export duty

Which freight forwarder is the best? It depends on how long you need to get your shipment, what type of freight it is, and where in the world it needs to go. For a quicker delivery time, use an air freight company as they usually take less than three weeks for their deliveries. Overseas freight will ship goods overseas by sea, so it’s usually cheaper for heavier items since ocean freight can take weeks longer with shipping rates depending on weight and distance travelled. You’ll also want to consider whether there are any customs fees that might be incurred when importing into another country. 

Research Different Types of Freight Services Available

You have to consider freight services. There are freight services that specialize in specific types of freight, such as ocean freight and air freight. One important factor when choosing a freight service is the distance between origin and destination points.

Choosing a company that specializes in freight services will save you money and time. The freight company should offer a freight service that best fits your needs at an affordable price. Freight companies are listed on the International Freight Association website, as well as other websites dedicated to providing information about freight services. Researching different types of freight services is important when choosing the right one for your business or personal needs. 

You have to know which one is the best for you and your area. As they say at Wyton Transport, Australia is a tough environment, particularly in the regional areas. This means you’d need to find someone reliable enough to transport whatever you need through the region, and what better company to choose than one with a lot of experience. 

Pricing and how it affects your business 

You have to consider the freight when you are freight forwarding, and this is the pricing. The freight pricing can be affected by a multitude of factors, such as where it needs to go, how quickly it needs there, what type of freight it is (such as whether it’s just small packages or a large load), etc. 

You’ll want to know not only about freight prices but also any other fees that might apply if your company ships internationally. For instance, customs clearance may cost more than domestic shipments because they have to clear everything through various agencies in addition to their own before deciding on import duties and taxes. 

And don’t forget all those permits required if your business has vehicles that require them! So make sure you’re aware of these things so you do not end up with a freight bill that’s completely out of your budget.

Ten Tips To Help You Choose The Right Freight Forwarder

Negotiating with the freight company

You must know how to negotiate with freight companies in order to get the most competitive rate. The freight company charges a flat rate for shipping, but it will charge a different rate based on weight and location when negotiating the price. 

You must know how to negotiate prices so that you don’t pay more than necessary for your shipment. When freight companies see an opportunity to make money by charging higher rates or fees at any point during the process of negotiation, they will take advantage of it. That’s why knowing how to negotiate is important because if you do not have experience in freight forwarding negotiations then you may end up paying way too much money for services rendered.

You should always compare freight quotes from multiple freight forwarders before settling on one company as there are many freight forwarders out there. You should also get freight quotes from freight companies to compare rates and services offered by the different freight carriers.

You may be able to negotiate lower freight prices or better service once you have narrowed down your options of freight providers. Negotiating with a freight company is just like negotiating for anything else, so use every tool at your disposal when it comes time to negotiate on price!

Understand the Difference Between International and Domestic Freight Forwarders

You have to realize there is a difference between international freight forwarders and domestic freight forwarders. International freight forwarding is about sending goods abroad, or to another country.

Domestic freight forwarding is when a company sells its goods internationally from its warehouse in the home country of that company’s distribution network. 

That means it would be an international freight forwarder if you were selling your product overseas because they need to find space at an international airport for those items before transporting them on a flight with all the other cargo and passengers onto various destinations around the world (including North America). But if you are only looking for someone who can carry your products domestically over short distances then this doesn’t apply.

Check Reviews

The golden rule with every service is to always check reviews and this is especially true for freight forwarders. After all, you are entrusting them with your most valuable cargo: a product being sent to customers around the world.

  • Search their name on Google and see what comes up in search results
  • Visit review websites such as Yelp or Trustpilot to read customer testimonials about past experiences using this freight company
  • Contact freight forwarding companies directly through email or phone call asking if they could provide any references from previous clients
  • Read reviews before hiring a freight company 
  • Be wary of pricing too heavily because freight companies often have hidden fees 
  • Choose a freight carrier who is willing to work together with you throughout the entire process – not just during transit

Ten Tips To Help You Choose The Right Freight Forwarder

Get Those Quotes in

Whatever you do, never accept the first quote you receive. The next quote might well be more expensive, but is it more inclusive? Does it offer a faster service and what are their customer services like? By getting a handful of quotes from different firms you can be sure to get a good feel of how that company runs itself and who knows, it might well save you a heap of money at the same time.

Tracking Services

Be aware that some freight forwarders charge extra for tracking services and the whole journey of the freight might be trackable, especially if it is just check-in logged (when your fright arrives at certain waypoints). However, there are certain firms that offer down to the minute tracking so you can find out exactly where it is and estimate how long it will take to arrive at its destination. But if you don’t need that kind of tracking do look at your original quote as it might be included and cost you extra for the prevalence.

Who You Gonna Call? 

No, calling Ghostbusters is not going to help you, but who is really on the end of that customer service number? What hours does that number operate? These little things are well worth checking because some firms don’t even have a dedicated person to answer that call! But others have whole teams who are dedicated to it and some even offer 24 hr telephone support!

The UI Online

Almost all freight forwarding companies will have an online portal for you to keep track of all your freight, but how simple is it to use? Does it have everything you need right there on the front page? How secure is it? These are simple questions you really should check out before you commit to giving them more work.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the different types of freight forwarders and how they work. Now that you are armed with information, you should start checking reviews to see what other customers have said about a company before choosing them for your business needs. With so many resources available online, it’s easier than ever to find out more about potential partners in order to make sure they can provide the best service possible!





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