Top 10 Fashionable Cats Wearing Denim

Having a wardrobe sort out, I discovered my old 80’s denim jacket and jeans! I have to say, they really don’t make 27inch jeans like they used to, these days the quality just isn’t the same unless you buy them from a respectable brand. Sure none of it fit, in fact, it looked like a child’s clothing on me, but that denim feels made me nostalgic for all the memories I had while I wore it. It seems cats feel very much the same way…



Top 10 Fashionable Cats Wearing Denim
Cat Wearing Denim Overalls

10 – Come On Eileen

This cat was a banjo player in Dexys Midnight Runners for years, but nowadays he still likes to wear his denim now and again.

Cat Wearing Denim Jacket

9 – The Trendy Puss

This cat is going full punk 80’s and even has the studs! I think I just missed those punk years thanks to being far too busy playing Super Mario.

Cat in a Denim Trouser Leg

8 – Tube Trendsetting

This cute looking kitty seems to have got the wrong size jeans. It is always best to go one bigger, but not enough so you end up with bell bottoms.

Cat in a Denim Pocket

7 – Newfangled Blankets

It seems you can turn a pair of jeans into just about anything. But I would imagine a blanket made from denim might not be the most comfortable.

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Cat Wearing Denim Jacket

6 – Contemporary Killed The Cat

Full marks to this kitty how is a massive Iron Maiden fan. Let’s be honest they both sound really familiar when they sing!

Cats in Denim Trouser Legs

5 – Furry Legs

You get 2 cats for the price of one when you tell them they can play around inside an old pair of jeans. I have to say these cats are rather creepy.

Cat Wearing Denim Jacket

4 – recycled Fashion

Looking for something to turn an old pair of jeans into? Well look no further, you could make your cat this cool denim jacket with just one-half of a leg!

Cat Wearing Denim Jacket

3 – In Season Kitty

This photo even looks like it was taken the 80’s! Well, maybe it was because back then people wouldn’t have uploaded cat pictures to a non-existent internet!

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Cat Wearing Denim Overalls

2 – Big Bubba

This kitty has eaten a few too many nibbles, it’s a good job those denim jeans are loose fitting otherwise he would be naked!

Cat Wearing Denim Jacket

1 – Swanky Steve

Today I placed my old denim jacket into the charity shop, but it seems this cat went straight in after me and brought it! It even looks like the same size! I knew I should have kept it.

Author: Gus Barge

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