Top 10 Halloween Horror Cats In Pumpkins

No-one seems sure why any of these ten cats are inside these pumpkins, but my guess is that they are doing it to scare the trick or treaters. The moment one of them passes theses pumpkins…BAM! They will leap onto them and scare whoever it is. Or maybe they are just looking for a place to sleep…


Cat In Pumpkin
Cat In Pumpkin

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I’m not sure where this kitty is going, but that is one deep pumpkin!

Cat In Pumpkin

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All this cat owner needs is another cat to pop out of the other eye and they will have themselves a very creepy pumpkin that is sure to scratch and bite the naughty kids.

Cat In Pumpkin

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If that was a real mouse, this cat would be ready to pounce at a moments notice.

Cat In Pumpkin

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Quite a droopy looking pumpkin, but there is more than enough room inside to make it a tasty cat basket!

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Cat In Pumpkin

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All this talk of Halloween has tried this kitty out. He has been waiting for trick or treaters to jump out on for 2 weeks now!

Cat In Pumpkin

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At least this kitty is helping out, trying to get rid of all those nasty insides.

Cat In Pumpkin

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And this is why you should always check what is inside your pumpkin before putting a candle inside.

Cat In Pumpkin

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Who said anything about the pumpkins having to be real, this kitty gets his out every year.

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Cat In Pumpkin

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Did someone say treats? If they did, this kitty will be first in line.

Cat In Pumpkin

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No matter what the kitten hides in, they could never look scary, even when it’s a pumpkin on a spooky Halloween night.

Author: Gus Barge

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