Top 10 Overeating Cats Who Will Eat Anything

These ten cats you are about to see will eat anything that isn’t nailed down, and then they will probably try and eat it anyway. Sometimes they eat foods they shouldn’t be eating and other times they eat things no animal should eat…


Cat Eating Spaghetti
Cat Eating Spaghetti

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This kitty can suck a 2 ft length of spaghetti off your plate from 10 ft away!

Cat Eating a Plant

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No plant is safe when the monster they call “herbivore kitty” is around. He will even eat plastic ones!

Cat Eating a Cactus

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I still get shivers every time I see this image. I mean, that must hurt!

Cat Eating a Camera

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This kitty is taking food photography to a whole new level! Maybe it would taste nicer with a little bit of ketchup.

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Cat Eating Grapes

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Maybe, just maybe this cat really is a fruit lover. Or maybe those are special cat food grapes!

Cat Eating a Cake

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Little Molly’s birthday party is not going to be the success she had hoped for.

Cat Eating a Flip-Flop

4 – Source No Longer Available

Your soul will be eaten by this evil cat! Well, the one on your shoe or sandals anyway.

Cat Eating Four-leaf Clover

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This cat was looking for a little more luck after missing out on a few mice this week, so he is trying to get some luck into himself.

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Cat Eating a Stick

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A tasty stick is this cats snack of choice. It helps him grow whole forests with his poop.

Cat Eating a Book

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When I was told this kitty like to sink his teeth into a good book, this is not what first comes to mind.

Author: Gus Barge

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