Ten Cats in Santa Hats to Make Anyone Smile This Festive Season

Last year we saw some rather funny images of various animals in Santa hats in my post “Top 10 Best Images of Animals in Santa Hats” so this year I thought it was time to take a look at cats in their cute Santa hats…


Top 10 Cats in Santa Hats
Cat wearing a Santa hat

10 – Humbug cat

it seems not all cats are looking forward to Christmas and this rather angry looking feline is one of those bah-humbug cats. Maybe the Santa beard was taking things too far for him.

Cat wearing a Santa hat

9 – Homemade

This poor little kitty does not look happy with his homemade Santa hat, but it is better than having the same one from that Supermarket that everyone will be wearing. Nothing wrong with standing out a little.

Cat wearing a Santa hat

8 – The night before Christmas

It would be hard to tell if this cat was actually tired or is just using the Santa hat to have a little kip!  Maybe he is older dirty looks and just having a bit of a granddad nap before all that left-over turkey goes into his bowl.

Cat wearing a Santa hat

7 – Bat and blind

I’m not sure if this cat is planning on batting the hat bauble away or that it is trying to work out what it is! But strangely it seems to be looking straight through it rather than at it.

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Cat wearing a Santa hat

6 – Kill and Sleigh

I have personally seen various office workers forced to wear a festive hat because of some dare or bet. Or maybe even from an order to wear from on top.  But in all my years, in all my jobs I’ve never seen anyone wearing a Santa hat who looked this angry.

Cat wearing a Santa hat

5 – Fabulous

Neither supermodel or a superhero could possibly make wearing a Santa hat look fabulous,  but somehow this cat just manages to make it look simply beautiful! Maybe the term I am looking for here is Festively Fabulous.

Cat wearing a Santa hat

4 – Mashup

It’s hard to tell with this cat starts and the Santa beard begins! It just seems to be some sort of a violent mashup of whiskers and fake whiskers, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this cat turned out to be the real Santa!

Cat wearing a Santa hat

3 – The long wait

Looking suitably festive this cat looks like he is waiting for Santa to come.  Well, I have bad news for your kitty as that arm on the windowsill is gonna get very numb because it’s still a fair old wait. But hang on in there.

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Cat wearing a Santa hat

2 –Angles

I’m not too sure what this kitty was trying to do or how I ended up in this position. But maybe he was just trying to showcase his new Santa hat for us all. Or maybe this is an epic Photobomb!

Cat wearing a Santa hat

1 – Bah-humbug Herself

It would have been a real crime if I didn’t make the mistress of humbugging my number one.  If ever there was a cat that does not look good in a Christmas hat it has to be a grumpy cat.

Author: Gus Barge

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