Ten Reasons Boomers are Driving the E-Bike Market

Ten Reasons Boomers are Driving the E-Bike Market

Boomers, the generation aged between 52 and 70 years, are amazing people who have always done things their own way. No one expected them to retire to their rocking chair on the front porch. They haven’t failed to surprise many with their continued emphasis on health and wellness as they continue to age.

They’ve since progressed to exercises that are better on ageing joints and involve remaining active outdoors, like muscle training and electric bike riding. One thing is certain, they want to remain as active as possible for their entire lives and the electric bike kit has become the popular option.

Boomers, who were also sometimes called the Fitness Generation, are very informed on the benefits of exercise to stay youthful. They know that muscle that stays strong can keep bones from breaking during a fall. Any kind of motion will help the body retain flexibility and balance, which gets even more important the older you get. Strong muscles can keep osteoporosis at bay. It can help reduce weight gain, which can exacerbate many diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Thus, it’s not surprising they would continue to want to exercise, even past 70 years old. These are a few of the reasons that people, as they age, are finding e-bikes a good fitness solution as they age.

1. Remain Active Even When Injured

After an injury, it can be difficult to go back to the same level of exertion right away. It may be tough to keep up with fitness classes too. A bike fitted with an e-bike kit can offer them a way to get moving while adding some power when they need it. This helps them build up their muscles and endurance at a better pace.

2. Helps Maintain a Sense of Balance

Everyone knows you have to have a keen sense of balance to stay on a bike. If someone isn’t into yoga, an electric bike offers another way to exercise that sense of balance in the great outdoors. Simply by riding a bike that person is exercising their sense of balance, which helps older people to keep from falling as easily.

3. Low-Impact Exercise Is Safer on Bones and Joints

Aside from yoga and swimming, which are also popular with Boomers, riding an e-bike is another form of low-impact exercise. It can keep bones and joints safe even as they continue to exercise. By building muscle, the joints are also protected far more than if the muscles had not been exercised.

4. Exercise In Groups

Whether it’s going out with a friend who doesn’t have an electric bike kit installed on their bike or on bicycle tours around the country, the electric bike offers people past 50 the ability to keep up with others during their outdoor adventures. This generation loves to do fitness in groups and likes to compete in their fitness goals.

5. Go At Their Own Pace

When trying to maintain a routine that benefits them physically while not being too strenuous on the body, an electric bike can’t be beaten. It offers them the ability to get that heart rate up, but it doesn’t beat the body down, like jogging or aerobics.

Ten Reasons Boomers are Driving the E-Bike Market

6. Uphill With Less Effort

Even with obstacles like hills on their path, they can still get through their workout. The electric bike is known for making it easier to go up hills. However, it still requires them to work those muscles as they climb those hills.

7. Fits Into Daily Fitness Routines

An e-bike fitness routine is so easy to start doing that it can be done even as casually as deciding to do small errands on it twice a week. Even 20 minutes of exercise can produce a lasting effect on health and well-being, so crucial to people as they age.

8. Don’t Need a Gym Membership

An electric bike doesn’t require a costly gym membership. You can outfit any bike to become an electric bike with the installation of an affordable electric bike kit, without paying thousands for a customized electric bike. Once installed, it can yield years of free and easy fitness fun.

9. Much More Fun Than Stationary Bikes

Riding an e-bicycle for fitness is far more immersive and pleasant experience than riding a stationary bike at the gym. You are surrounded by nature and involved in almost a meditative experience. This helps to reduce stress while creating muscle mass and getting circulation going.

10. An E-Bike Kit Goes Places for Less

If an ageing person has trouble getting a license because of sight issues or some other handicap, they can still get places using an electric bike or even an electric trike. Not only that, but they get to stay fit even as they go from one place to another. The benefit of the electric bike kit is the significant cost savings. Any bike can convert to an e-bike at a fraction of the cost of a new electric bike.

An Electric Bike Helps Boomers Stay Active

It doesn’t look odd to see someone past their 50s riding a bike; It looks inspiring! There is a bit of pride that can be had at still being independent and self-sufficient even as you pass your 70s. The use of the electric bike is one way that people who are ageing can remain active and fit, long past previous generations. It’s for that reason that electric bikes are extremely popular with the Fitness Generation, as they continue to drive new trends in the marketplace in their later years.

Author: Gus Barge

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