10 Tips to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthy

There has been a lot of debate on the merits between keeping a cat indoors and outside, but those who decide to keep it indoors know that there are inherent dangers within the home. To ensure your pet’s well-being, it’s important to provide enough physical and mental stimulation so that they can express their feline tendencies. Here are several tips to make your pet happy inside.


1. Perches

Other then toys, you can incorporate places for your feline friend to hang out. A cat loves to climb onto structures as well as claw all day, so an indoor cat tree is a great device that you can purchase for mental stimulation. Other than the best cat tree in your home, incorporate high shelves, baby gates or comfy mat space so that they can feel safe. Even a large indoor cat cage can provide a place where your pet enjoys time alone.

2. Interesting Inside

It is important that your pet enjoys being inside and with a little effort, you can replicate that fun outside environment within your home. There are a number of different toys that you can introduce into the house depending on your budget and your pet. You can even make life easy with cardboard boxes, paper bags and crumpled up pieces of paper as toys. If you’ve got a bit more cash, why not purchase a food puzzle for hours of fun? As a tip, keep some toys away from your pet and introduce them occasionally so that they can feel there is something new.

Spend some playtime with your cat
Spend some playtime with your cat

3. Spend Some Time with Your Indoor Cat

A huge part of your pet’s enrichment will be the time you spend with it. This should go without saying, but a lot of people neglect the time they spend their pet. Any company helps to strengthen the bond between you and your pet and also satisfies its natural desire to hunt. Spending just 30 mins a day with your cat will also ensure you maintain its fur as some people don’t know that cat dandruff causes scratching, so if you notice your cat doing a lot of excessive scratching it might be worth checking that out.

4. Building a “CATIO”

One of your indoor cat house plans could be to create a patio but for your feline. Get creative and construct this area using a variety of materials arranged in different shapes and sizes. Your pet should see this as an extension of their home, and a great place to hang out. If you create the space, make sure that they have access to a litter box, water, and food.

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5. Walkies

Can an indoor cat survive outside? In short, yes. A lot of felines can be trained to walk using a leash or harness. This can be a great way of introducing your indoor kitty to the outside world and giving them some fun. It may take a little getting used to, but a leash and a harness allow your four-legged friend to get brief glimpses of the outside world without running away and getting into danger.

6. Slips

Occasionally even though your pet is indoor trained, they may venture outside. Sometimes a door might be open and off they go. Consider getting your pet micro-chipped and fed them with an ID collar.

7. Trained Young

A young kitten that has been raised indoors with many of the other tips in this list is usually a happier cat than an older cat who has been kept indoors for various reasons. A kitten who doesn’t know the outside won’t crave it and will be much happier inside the house.

8. Bring Some Outside in!

By having some turf, maybe a sand pit and a few plants you can easily create an indoor environment that is just as much fun for your cat to play in than the real version. It doesn’t have to be complicated and old twigs and logs also double up as good play toys.

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Pet Cameras Are Good Company and Security
Pet Cameras Are Good Company and Security

9. Two Way CCTV

These days you can purchase a lot of pet cameras that not only let you see what your cat is up to but also let then see you thanks to larger, clearer screens and these tech items are often a lot cheaper than you might think.

10. Companionship

Most of us can’t be at home all day to love our kitty, so when you haven’t got an indoor cat vaccination schedule, maybe consider getting a second pet for companionship. Having someone for your cat to play with goes a long way inside the home. Fortunately, there is no shortage of homeless kittens just waiting for you at the local shelter.

Keep your pet healthy and happy and enjoy your time together. All the best!

Do you have an indoor pet? Any tips on how to keep it happy? Please leave your comments below.

Author: Gus Barge

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