Top 10 Gambling Secrets Casinos Don`t Want You to Know

Top 10 Gambling Secrets Casinos Don`t Want You to Know
Top 10 Gambling Secrets Casinos Don`t Want You to Know

Casino games are for fun and entertainment. As you come to know about the operations and secrets shielded by casinos; the pitfalls of compulsive gambling reduces significantly. The way a casino operates is a marvel of precision. The sure way to amass a small fortune in a casino is to step in with a larger one. It is not easy to walk away with your profit, as you are allured into games with high house edge and with watertight security measures. The secrets are not only juicy but help you become a responsible gambler and keeping a little bit more money when step out of the world of betting.


Know the house edge

Most casino games are designed so that the house edge is skewed towards the house. Certain games have too high house edge even by casino standards, avoid them. Stay away from modern variants of traditional casino table games like; baccarat, blackjack, poker. “Let it Ride, Three cards Poker, Caribbean Stud” the so-called carnival games have a high rate of the house edge. Players are magnetized by their high payout, 90 to 1, 8 to 1 even 250 to 1.

Better games

You can always opt for casino games which gives you a better chance of winning. Your skill and knowledge of a game considerably lower house edge as the saying goes “Knowledge is Power”. If you play the traditional game of blackjack with skill and appropriate strategy, then house advantage is reduced. Video poker is another variant where you can deploy your skill and strategy. This does not ensure a win but certainly, increases the chance.

Be aware when you are inside a casino

The interior design, the ambience is fashioned to keep you entangled in casino games and to lose track of time. The air-conditioned room with no windows and no clocks makes two in the afternoon and two in the night looks similar. There are other desperate measures like striptease and pole dance to keep you caged in the world of gambling. If you spend a night in the Las Vegas strip, it seems like a gentlemen`s club.

You are watched

The moment you enter a casino, be sure you are under the surveillance camera. Your every body movement, your every action is watched and recorded over your entire session. You are spared only in toilets and in the hotel room if you have hired one.

If you win

If you hit the jackpot, or on a sizzling winning streak then you are watched more closely, many pairs of eyes are prying on you. If you win a handsome amount in blackjack, without your notice, every movement is closely watched to make sure you did not count the cards. They will review the video footage time and again to ensure you did not count the cards and your win is legitimate.

Labyrinth design

You may have wondered where your friend is. Retracing your strides to seek them, you may wonder you have taken too much drink. You feel lost inside a casino that is because of the labyrinth design of the hall. The arrangement is meticulously crafted to be counter-intuitive. While your seat it would be cosy, but when you want to exit or do something else, it has been deliberately made tricky to do so.

Free drinks and foods

Casinos want you to feel cheerful, and they will take every measure to ensure it. Food and drink perks are meant not only to enhance your sense of gratification but also to prolong your stay. It is meant to create a sense of earnings to the players.

Dealers feel bad

When you lose the dealers, feel bad about you, but cannot express their feeling due to protocol. They can’t utter a word of caution when you are running through a streak of loss.

The covert behind chips

Every casino has its distinctive chips, their signature chips. When in lieu of money you get these chips, it does not feel like real money. The chips in no way resemble with any currency of the world, so when you wager you feel you are dealing with chips, not with your hard-earned money. This factor can make your wallet string open than intended to be.

You are being studied

You are not only watched; they are learning from you. They are studying your behavioural pattern like how much and how long you play certain games, what stimulates you, to which things you get hooked, when and why you leave. From these data, they formulate a strategy which makes player wagering for a longer time and spending more money on stake.

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