Top 10 Biggest Slot Machine Wins of All Time

Top 10 Biggest Slot Machine Wins of All Time

The majority of gamblers can easily understand and play with slot machines. All you need to is drop the coin or insert your card and press the button or pull the lever. And the reels will start spinning on the screen. Once the reels stop, your wish is to have a winning combination and finally get the new house, car, or money you’ve always thought about. 

In the majority of American casinos, slots are among the biggest money generators. While the chances of winning are quite low, you still have an opportunity to make your dreams come true. Thousands of gamblers have won in the past. And so can you. In this article, we are going to discuss the biggest slot machine wins of all time. Let’s get started!

1. $39,710,826.36

This huge sum was won by an anonymous software engineer. He won nearly forty million bucks on a slot machine at a casino in Las Vegas. The win happened back in 2003. And it remains one of the biggest jackpot wins of all time. The gambler used only $100 on the slot machines and got his return on investment instantly.

2. $34,959,458.56

Back in January 2000, a cocktail waitress had the greatest day of her career when she played a Megabucks machine. Unfortunately, the waitress was involved in a tragic accident that left her paralyzed. Her sister died on the spot.

3. $27,580,879.60

On November 15th, 1998, a retired flight attendant entered the Palace Station Casino intending to spend only $100 on slots. She exceeded her limits just like most gamblers tend to do. However, the attendant won almost 28 million bucks. It did pay off for this lucky player big time.

4. $22,621229.74

Back on 27th May 2002, Johanna was a shining star when she became among the biggest slot machine jackpot winners of all time. Johanna decided to play casually a Megabucks machine and she ended up winning big. For a moment, Johanna looked away from the spinning machine. And when she looked back, she had won almost 23 million bucks. Like Johanna, one of the best ways to start your day is by playing slots at Casinoster several times. You might end up buying breakfast for the entire community. 

5. $21,346,952.22

On 1st June 1999, an anonymous business consultant inserted a $10 bill in the Megabucks slot machine. With no idea that his life was about to change dramatically, he proceeded to win 21 million bucks on a slot machine in Las Vegas. Do you think he is still consulting? The gambler chose to remain anonymous to this day.

6. $21,147,947.00

How would you feel if you won two multimillion payouts in less than 20 years? Elmer’s dream came true when she won $4.6 million back in 1989 at a casino in Las Vegas. About twenty years later, Elmer won 21 million bucks on a slot machine in Las Vegas. Considered the luckiest man alive, he won his second jackpot at the age of 92. Elmer passed away two years later.

7. $17,329,817.80

Every avid gambler is familiar with gifts that one receives at a casino. You receive a $20 credit to play slots. You can also get a dinner voucher and a discount on your hotel room. All these things are good enough. But do you take any of them seriously? Maybe you should start treating these gifts seriously like the woman who went to the M Resort in Las Vegas and used her credit with the casino. She ended up becoming a multi-millionaire jackpot winner.

8. $17,329,817.80

An avid gambler inserted a $20 bill in a slot machine at the Rampart Casino and ended up winning a multimillion jackpot. The man had big dreams than using his money to satisfy his needs. He donated a huge portion to his local church.

9. $12,769,933.00

This gambler went to visit her niece who lives in Las Vegas. Upon arrival, she went to the casino and inserted $6 into the machine, and ended up winning close to 13 million bucks. What a story!

10. $12,510,549.90

The dreams of a Vegas local came true when she walked into the New York Casino on her way home from work. She inserted a $100 bill into the slot machine and won 12.5 million bucks.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could play using the small cash you have in your bag or wallet or even use free credit and become a multimillionaire on the spot? All these stories seem too good to be true because the odds of winning any game at a casino are not in your favour. However, when you win, all your money problems will be resolved. Remember, don’t play only to win but also have fun. Don’t take life too seriously. Your day is coming. But before it comes, always work with a budget to avoid suffering financially and psychologically.

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