Top 10 Biggest Poker Winnings

Top 10 Biggest Poker Winnings

Poker gathers representatives from all over the world at one table, offering them a gambling pastime and huge winnings. Not surprisingly, it has a huge number of fans who want to break a big score in Top 10 online casino Australia.

Top 10 Biggest Poker Wins

The most popular poker event is the WSOP tournament, first held back in 1868 in America, in the state of Texas. Let’s get acquainted with the top 10 biggest winnings in poker history, starting from the 10th place.
So, here are the biggest poker winnings:

10th place. Ryan Riess.

Winning the contest was a surprise not only for his opponents but also for Ryan himself. After all, it was his first time participating in such a big competition, which resulted in a huge win. The winner was very clever with his millions, buying shares in global corporations. He was now assured a life of ease for many years to come. After his victory, Ryan never again took part in tournaments of this kind.

9th place. Greg Meerson.

The young American Greg snatched a huge score, which he had been walking to for years. He studied the rules and strategies of the game, hoping one day to get the cherished victory. But he never imagined that it would happen so soon. That’s why the whole world remembered his tears of joy and sobs after the announcement of his victory. The huge win did not spoil the American, because he spent less than a thousand dollars on himself. All the rest he happily invested in the well-being of his family.

8th place. Joe Cada.

Cada got his huge winnings when he was barely of age. He was addicted to gambling from an early age, because his mother worked as a casino croupier. The first big win brought the guy half a million dollars. But they were all spent on further contributions to other tournaments. So when deciding to enter a tournament in 2012, Joe had to borrow $4 million from sponsors. Fortunately, he won and was able to pay off his debts.

7th place. Pius Heinz.

The young German Heinz is known to online poker players, but you rarely see him at the real tables. He took part in a tournament for the first time in 2011 and won his jackpot of more than $8 million. He continues to play poker online though.

6th place. Jonathan Duhamel.

The Canadian Duhamel won the tournament in 2010. It was not the first victory for the young man, though it was the biggest – more than $ 8 million. He used some of the money for charity, but a significant amount was stolen from him along with the winner’s bracelet.

Top 10 Biggest Poker Winnings

5th place. Peter Eastgate.

The Dane Peter Eastgate won the tournament in 2008. The final battle was a memorable one, as he fought for the victory for 2 days. It was a very tense and difficult game, but the prize of $9 million was worth it.

Fourth place. Martin Jacobson.

The Swede Jakobson is a professional poker player, participating in a large number of games. In total, he has earned more than $14 million during his career. But the biggest prize was still in 2014 – $10 million.

3rd place. Jamie Gold.

Winning the 2006 tournament brought American Gold $12 million. However, he received a lot of criticism from the press and suspicion of foul play. He was incredibly lucky in the tournament and could not repeat even a small fraction of that success afterwards.

2nd place. Daniel Coleman.

In 2011, a young American player, Coleman, won the tournament after a fierce three-day event. He snatched a jackpot of over $15 million, but to the surprise of the participants, he was not too happy about it. As it turned out, he was too exhausted by the confrontation to show any real emotions.

1st place. Antonio Esfandiari.

2012 was a winning year for American Antonio Esfandiari and brought him more than $18 million. This is the biggest win in history, which could not be beaten to this day.

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