Ten Tips for Finding the Best Online Irish Casinos

Ten Tips for Finding the Best Online Irish Casinos

There are plenty of options when it comes to online Irish casinos these days, so what are the best sites to choose and why would you choose them above the rest? I have come up with ten tips that will help you choose which ones to go for and while most of them do apply for choosing any online casino worldwide there are a few localised tips that you might want to know…

Trusted and Reliable

Sites like IRL Casino take the hard work out of this for you as they find out which sites are tested, verified & reliable for you. But doing so yourself isn’t all that difficult. All you really need to do is to read reviews and check out what other online gamblers are saying about it. Even if you don’t know where to start just finding the reviews of these sites will give you a good gauge of this.

Brand Names

Is the brand name of the online casino a trusted Irish brand that have been operating for years? Names like Paddy Power & BoyleSports are Ireland’s biggest independent bookmakers and of course have a trusted brand and safety quality that goes with them, even if that means online.

Euros or GBP?

Euros or GBP?

Depending on where you live in Irland you might have gotten used to paying things in Euros and changing currency might affect how much you are gambling online. So make sure the online casino you use has a monetary value that you understand and can follow along with to prevent yourself from overspending.

Types of Games

Does the casino site you have chosen have the table and slot games you like? You will be surprised at the number of times people join a casino site only to regret joining it because they don’t have their favourite slot games. I am one of these people and if a site doesn’t have Blackjack I simply won’t sign up.

The Best Deals

Without a good signup deal or bonus, there really isn’t any point in signing up to a new online casino. So make sure they have a really good deal and do shop around because some deals are always better than others. Also as a side-tip do make sure you read the small print to find out exactly how good a deal you are getting.

Horse Race Betting

Horse Race Betting

Let’s face it, any Irish casino either in real life or online should have horse racing at its core or it simply isn’t worth joining it. Horse racing is almost a national sport in Irland so and good online Irish casino should offer odds and bets on every race and almost every conceivable outcome.

Good Customer Support

Having good customer support isn’t just about solving peoples issues online, it is also about the ways you can complain or get in touch with the site if you need to. Things like live chat, a phone number and even a live face to face chat are all things to look out for. The more ways they offer you to get in touch with them, the more they care about you as a customer.

A Good UI

UI stands for user interface and it is nerd talk for how easy a site is to use. While you can use your site on a desktop PC, does it look just as good on a mobile? And when visiting that casino site on a smartphone how easy is it to navigate around the site? These little things can soon become be annoyances so they are well worth considering especially if like me you become easily frustrated with a bad website.

Payout Options

This tip goes for choosing any online casino, but making sure you can cash out in a way that best suits you is something you really need to check up on. Maybe you would like it to be deposited into Paypal, or maybe you want cash! Yes, some online casino sites will let you walk into a branded bookie shop and pick up your winnings in cold hard cash.

Trust Your Instincts

Trust Your Instincts

If a deal looks too good to be true or the site itself looks a little suspicious you really should trust your instincts and not give them any details. There are thousands of sites out there full of bad actors trying to get your money and details so if you are not sure about using that site, simply don’t use it!

Author: Gus Barge

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