Ten of the Best and Coolest Wooden Gifts For Your Man

Are you looking for a cool and original wooden gift idea for the man in your life, but yet, you are not sure where to start? Wood gifts are a great option and there are so many great gift ideas out there that are from environmentally conscious brands, like TESLYAR. The beauty of wood is that it’s both durable and beautiful, so why not pick one of these ten gifts ideas that are all perfect ideas…
1. Personalized Photo Cube

1. Personalized Photo Cube

Looking for a personalized and thoughtful gift? Wooden photo cubes are a great option. You can personalize your cube with a quote, the person’s name, your family name or artwork. Best of all, you can add meaningful photos to really make the gift special. In most cases, you can add three to four photos to the cube.

2. Wooden Coasters

Coasters are something everyone needs, even bachelors. There are so many options when it comes to coasters, but wood is an environmentally friendly, beautiful and masculine option.

Wood coasters are available in square and round shapes as well as hexagons. They can be plain, or you can find personalized coasters and those with wood-burned designs. There are many design themes, from bar themes to nature. A variety of woods can be used to make coasters, and they may be combined with other materials to create a truly unique piece of functional art.

3. Wooden Serving Tray

Wood serving trays are another functional yet beautiful gift for him. They can be used to serve drinks and snacks. Some guys use them to keep their keys, watches, phone and other personal items organized.

Like with coasters, serving trays can be plain, personalized or feature artwork. In many cases, the natural beauty of the wood is really all that’s needed. But intricate carvings and wood-burned designs can also be featured to really bring out the beauty of the wood.

Consider the person’s personality. Some designs are classic trays. Other wood serving trays are flat with cabinet handles attached at both ends for easy carrying.
Different wood patterns (like herringbone) and tray shapes are available to help you find a truly unique and thoughtful gift.

4. Personalized Wood Handle Pocket Knife

Looking for personalized wooden gifts for him? A personalized wood handle pocket knife is a great option. Pocket knives are invaluable tools, but why choose a plain handle with a plastic handle when you can choose something special?

A wood handle knife is both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing whether you choose a dark or light wood. The handle can also be engraved or have a personalized wood burned design. Some knife makers also offer intricate metal designs.

5. Mini Wood Speaker

Wireless speakers make it easy to listen to your favourite music wherever, whenever you want. Instead of the usual plastic speaker design, why not choose a wooden mini speaker? Wood has properties that are acoustically helpful, like being able to amplify clear, rich sound while minimizing distortion.

And the great thing about wood speakers is that they don’t always look like speakers. They’re lightweight, easy to carry around and come in many designs. Whether he’s into retro, modern or something in between, there’s a design that’s sure to suit his style.

6. Docking Station

A docking station is one of the most useful gifts made of wood for him. If he’s like most guys, he has a smartphone, wallet, keys and other personal effects that need to be organized. He also needs to charge his phone from time to time. A docking station will give him a convenient place to charge his phone while organizing his personal items.

Wood docking stations have a contemporary look and blend right into any home décor. They’re functional, beautiful and easy to use. This is one gift that any guy will appreciate.

7. Wooden Guitar Wall Holder

Many men love to strum their guitars now and again, with most people simply resting them up against the wall and the truth is this can lead to damage to the guitar or the dials becoming out of tune as they rub against the wall. With one of these solid wood guitar holders, you can be sure none of those things will happen.

8. Multifunction Desk Organiser

Does your man like a nice and tidy desk? If so you might want to get them one of these desk-tidies that come with a hidden charging lead cut making it look even more stylish. What I like about this is that it really shows off the FSC Certified natural wood, without being too overwhelming.

9. Oak Wooden Beer Mug

This Viking styled wooden beer mug is 20oz/568ml and made of 100% solid Oak! Even if the man in your life doesn’t drink they will still enjoy drinking their tea of coffee from it.

10. Wooden Steak Serving Board

The modern man loves being in the kitchen and this stunning 100% natural, solid Oak wood serving board will give his food the respect it deserves. With its rich, dark colour it is a great way to serve any juicy pieces of meat.

Final Thoughts…

Wood gifts are a thoughtful option for any man, plus they’ll last for years, they’ll look beautiful and can be placed anywhere. Give one of these gifts to really impress him and give him something he’ll actually use.

Author: Gus Barge

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