Top 10 Most Scariest and Beautiful Roads in the World

All adrenaline fans – this article was made for you! Today, with a bit of the help from Travel Ticker, we are going to get acquainted with the world’s most dangerous roads which will make even the toughest souls shiver a bit. These roads are located so far, so high and so dangerously, that in some cases to drive through it, you might be risking everything you own – including your life. However, for many locals, these roads are an essential part of the day while tourists right now are travelling here for an adrenaline rush. And so can you…



Lippincott Mine Road, USA
Lippincott Mine Road, USA

10 – Lippincott Mine Road, USA

Death Valley is a pretty scary place alone, but one of our today’s roads there is also pretty scary. The road reaches an altitude of 2,000 feet and has some fairly sheer drops, so any driver can say that driving this way is one of the biggest tests of his skills. Moreover, since you are going to drive through a desert, be sure to have enough water, and food and your vehicle is in perfect condition. No cell phones work there, and if you get in trouble – you might not get help as quickly as you might want.

Trollstigen Mountain Road, Norway

9 – Trollstigen Mountain Road, Norway

Norway has one scary road as well. Indeed, a nine percent incline and 11 hairpin turns, poor weather conditions and poor driving skills can call the trouble in a second if you take the Trollstigen Mountain Road. In fact, the road is closed from October to May due to dangerous conditions, but that is not a big deal. In fact, if you drive this road in sunny Norwegian summer, you will get a chance to enjoy incredible nature and panorama which will take your breath away for sure.

Dalton Highway, USA

8 – Dalton Highway, USA

Another scary and bizarre road you can take if you are brave enough is also in the United States. Actually, it is one of the most famous routes, since it was often shown in a pretty popular TV show called Ice Road Truckers. And if you have seen the show at least once, you can remember that this long road has nothing helping drivers there at all. There are no restaurants, stops or other services we are so used to. There is just the empty icy road to the depths of Alaska, and you might be the only one taking it that day too.

Road to Hana, USA

7 – Road to Hana, USA

Ok, for some reason, we are going to have a lot of road in the USA today. And Road to Hana is definitely the one worth mentioning here. Located on the Hawaiian island of Maui, this way is usually called a “rollercoaster” road, because it indeed makes drivers dizzy. Blind corners, hairpin turns, and big hills all makes this narrow road dangerous and unforgettable for those who once drove it. However, at the end of this path, you will get a chance to enjoy incredible Hawaiian black sand beaches and waterfalls. So, this road might be worth taking!

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The Karakorum “Friendship” Highway, China, and Pakistan

6 – The Karakorum “Friendship” Highway, China, and Pakistan

This road symbolizing friendship of those two nations are not friendly at all. Although it connects China and Pakistan, driving through it takes a lot of nerves and skills. At 15,397 feet above sea level, it os also the highest international road in the world, and the views there will take your breath away. Driving it you will get a chance to check out the K2 (the second-highest mountain in the world), the Indus River and Baltoro, a massive glacier which will be worth checking out for sure.

Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

5 – Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

New Zealand can be proud of their scary road as well. This 1-lane road twists its way through the most mountainous territory of the country so that naturally creates a very dangerous road. However, many locals consider this road one of the most scenic and worth taking (just be aware that car rental companies won’t love this idea that much).

Fairy Meadows Road, Pakistan

4 – Fairy Meadows Road, Pakistan

Let’s get back to Pakistan once more and let’s get introduced to their Fairy Meadows Road, which indeed belongs on this list. You can find this path at the Nanga Parbat, the ninth-highest peak in the world, so this logically means two things – the scenery there will be amazing, but driving it will be horrific. To be honest, the road is entirely unmaintained and has no guardrails to protect the drivers from the sheer drops. So your excellent driving skills and lack of self-protection is mandatory if you want to drive in here.

Los Caracoles Pass, Chile

3 – Los Caracoles Pass, Chile

This road is very crucial for Chile because it is the primary road connecting it with the country neighbour Argentina. However, the road is a real nightmare due to its twisting hairpin turns spiralling down the sheer inclines of the Andes. So there you will get an unbelievable chance to explore these incredible mountains too. Take notice that Chilean side of the road is a bit worse than Argentinean, but in general, the entire road there is pretty dangerous, and it takes a lot of patience and courage to drive through it.

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Bayburt Of Yolu, Turkey

2 – Bayburt Of Yolu, Turkey

Connecting two Turkish cities (Bayburt and Yolu) this road is the ninth in the list for a reason. Some sections of the road are only 1-lane, others are unpaved, poor weather conditions don’t help there either, while guardrails to prevent you from rolling over are not found there as well. There is one part of the road which is extremely scary – with 13 hairpin turns where nobody protects you. Even the toughest guys get a bit scary in here.

The Road of Death, Bolivia

1 – The Road of Death, Bolivia

And finally – the tenth most terrifying and bizarre road in this list belongs to Bolivia. This name says a lot about itself as well – well, the word Death is pretty easy to understand, right? It is already named as the most dangerous road in the world, and the calculated deaths are between 200 and 300 people per year. Like many other routes in this list, this one doesn’t have any guardrails to protect you or two lines so you can safely cross the road with other drivers. Moreover, it is located from over 15,000 feet in La Paz to just 3,900 feet at the other end, so you can fall pretty high if you make a mistake in there.

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