Some of these animals really don’t need things like inflatable rubber rings to swim, but it seems some of them just like to float down the lazy river of life. Why not grab your own essential swimming aids as we smile at this cute lot…



Top 10 Animals Wearing Rubber Rings

Seal in a Rubber Ring

10 – Whatever Floats Your Seal

This seal only needs to hold on lightly because he is pretty good at swimming anyway. But now and again we all need a little hand.

Top 10 Animals Wearing Rubber Rings

Duck in a Rubber Ring

9 – Whatever Floats Your Duck

I might have believed the duck was really wearing a pool ring until I saw the one behind wearing a life jacket. Kind of gives the game away that this is a fake. Funny indeed, but still a fake.

Top 10 Animals Wearing Rubber Rings

Mouse in a Rubber Ring

8 – Whatever Floats Your Mouse

This is either one big mouse or the world’s smallest pool ring! To be honest it doesn’t matter either way because they both look really cute!

Top 10 Animals Wearing Rubber Rings

Monkey in a Rubber Ring

7 – Whatever Floats Your Monkey

Over in Tennoji Zoo in Osaka, western Japan they use various methods to keep their animals cool in the hot summertime. My monkey here gets is own paddling pool and rubber ring!

Horse in a Rubber Ring

Horse in a Rubber Ring

6 – Whatever Floats Your Horse

Why the long face!? When it comes to pool safety these inflatable rings might mean the difference between winning and losing in a water polo match!

Top 10 Animals Wearing Rubber Rings

Dog in a Rubber Ring

5 – Whatever Floats Your Dog

This poor dog does not look happy about being in the water. Luckily for him, there is someone helping him up. Or maybe the dog is sat on them!

Top 10 Animals Wearing Rubber Rings

Cat in a Rubber Ring

4 – Whatever Floats Your Cat

This puss is having so much fun it looks like he is singing! Let’s hope he really is happy and not shouting at the dog for putting him in there.

Top 10 Animals Wearing Rubber Rings

Hampster in a Rubber Ring

3 – Whatever Floats Your Hampster

Is that a pool ring or a shower curtain ring? Well, either way, he looks cute in it and a helping hand is in there just in case of trouble.

Top 10 Animals Wearing Rubber Rings

Capybara in a Rubber Ring

2 – Whatever Floats Your Capybara

Dogs and cats as pets are so00 last year! The pet of choice, this year is a Capybara and this one is called Gary and he likes to stay safe while taking a dip in the pool. Even though he is a rather good swimmer.

Top 10 Animals Wearing Rubber Rings

Goat in a Rubber Ring

1 – Whatever Floats Your Goat

He floats around on lakes all day eating all the grasses & weeds. In fact, firms that rent out boats on lakes use hundreds of these to keep the Vass down.

Which one did you like?

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